memories of 2009

1. dual spec
2. got my 2nd toon to L80 (xense)
3. got my 3rd toon to L80 (noice)
4. GL quit and formed his own guild, then transferred off to Jubei’thos.
5. transferred noice over to Jubei’thos as zappel. rest of my toons still in Firetree.

new raids
1. naxx (completed with spiritcat, 2 wings with noice)
2. ulduar (halfway with spiritcat)
3. onyxia (completed with spiritcat)
4. toc (1st boss with noice)
5. icc (saw the 1st boss with zappel)

*bleah* another christmas of crappy gifts

can see bliz has brain freeze for christmas. same old same old. all they can come up with is a crappy BB gun no one cares a hoot about, except maybe some pallies who have found a 200-bullet gun to play around with before they toss it into the trash bin.

still, i went thru the motion on all my alts to get the gifts. cos the snowman kit, jingling bell and helper gift pets are still worth something on AH.

LFG – the importance of rankwatch mod


i never thought i’d have to use this mod, but then again, until i started using it, i never realised how many ppl (including myself) take for granted our spells and actions are the highest rank. even when they are 80s. you can have a shammy using ancestral spirit rank6 when they already learned rank7. why? the main problem lies in dual spec. it does not update the bar items on your non-active spec. dumb but true. working as intended, to save bliz dev additional work. but thanks, they will still take your 1000 gold.


dec 28 update: oh yeah, some ppl are grateful when you tell them they using downrank skills. others are just damn arrogant and get pissed off and are in serious denial. so handle with care. this mod is dangerous stuff.

LFG DM – satchel of helpful goods

woohoo! yesterday, i finally got out of BRD and into DM East (Dire Maul, not Deadmines). my L54 warlock ran with a pro group, ie. know where to run around in DM. killed the (Pusillin) imp for the DM (Crescent) key along the way to the (Alzzin the Wildshaper) boss that rewards you with the (crappy) satchel.


LFG BRD – satchel of helpful goods

LFG BRD bag of crap stuff and how to get it (1st LFG, using dungeon finder, of the day for your toon):

if you are L52 and below, kill High Interrogator Gerstahn

- Lower City, dont need shadowforge key. just head into the large space where there are static and patrolling mobs, and clear southwards to the boss, who is at the end of a corridor with mobs in rooms on both sides.

if you are L53 and higher, kill Emperor Dagran Thaurissan

- Upper City, require shadowforge key to open doors, release gear for garrison gate.  since there is no way to jump into emp room directly, you have to clear through the garrisons to the bar, then onto the emp room.


too many instances, too little time

at most, i can only do 4 or 5 LFG per day, one per alt to maximise the no. of EoT/EoF. so it seems i am now prioritizing based on queue time. which means my tanks usually get runs first, then heals, then dps. sometimes, dps get instant group in LFG, but other times, the estimated wait time can be like 20+ min!

i dont even have time to do quests now. fortunately, i have a whole stable of crafters who can make gear for their various levels – tailors, LWs, engineers, BS and JC and ench to buff their gear. AH is also looking good these days. prices are coming down. why farm when i can just buy off AH! of course, if something is still to ex, then i take my 80 hunter with epic flying mount to go farm a bit!

levelling this way is fast, and sometimes, i forget to check the gear to see if it is keeping up with the level. so yesterday, i took a good look at my 75 prot warrior (BS and alch) and finally got her to make the BOE plate tanking gear (the whole series span from L74 to L79) and 2 alch trinkets. then i took her into an instance just to check out her performance. she came in tops in dmg and hardly took any damage along the way, as tank. prior to doing that, i had to throw CDs and drink health pots occasionally to keep her alive.


so dont forget to check your gear as you speed level up your toons!

working as intended?

wow is trying to make their players addicted. by dangling EoT items for them to grab through the LFG system.

in the past, you can only do each heroic dungeon only once a day. so you can only do H Nexus once in each 24-hr period as defined by wow realm time. since there is a finite no. of L80 dungeons, you have to stop once you have hit all the dungeons.

no more of that artificial limit.  as long as you queue in LFG and find a group, you can keep going over and over to the same set of L80 dungeons (better than the duracell bunny) until you either fall apart or your group falls apart.

wonder when this will be an official complaint and then they will fix the system????

in the meanwhile, better take advantage of it and outfit yourself in iLvl 245 gear as long as you can keep on running those dungeons! red bull! coffee! etc!

new name, new guild, new sig


name change FoC cos noice was not approved during transfer.

new guild cos ppl voted after the 1st ICC raid encounter (wiped @ 1st boss)

patch 3.3 irritations – camera view

i had been tolerating the strange behaviour of the view when i run up or down ramps. the camera tilts back to horizontal so as to give me the ‘natural’ feel that i am upright running up or down a slope. however, i had been used to the unnatural view of the fixed position of the camera that i had forgotten what is natural!

the partial fix: interface -> camera -> camera following style -> never adjust camera

there isnt a good way to return to the good ole days. so you takes what you can gets.

LFG a couple of days later

the madness is over, now comes the steady grind. and with it, the usual frustrations of LFG

1. if u are tank or heals, LFG is your gift from heaven. you are never short of groups that will run. if you are dps, get in line like everyone else XD

2. PuG. pick up groups. you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. good is when it’s an instance that you are all approx the level for and everyone knows their roles. bad is when you have some L80s in your L72 party leeching xp. ugly is when that L80 in your party is tops in dps, but has dps about the same as the tank, and the tank is 2nd in dps.

so why do i do it? well, it’s a great way to fly.

if you are LFG in WOTLK dungeons, you get 2 EoTs for the 1st random dungeon of the day. that’s nice. that is my main target for my 70s alts to get enough emblems to get epic gear when they turn 80.

if you are LFG in WOTLK H dungeons, you get 2 EoFs, which is super nice. run it once a day, for 30 days, and you can get some really cool gear at the vendor. that is my main target for my 80s.

below that, it’s still nice. cos it’s been real hard to find a party for a lowbie dungeon on most servers. now i can run ST or BRD for the 52s alts. that is WAY NICE!

hope you are having tons of fun in LFG too!