patch 3.3 – LFG

tried it out after the patch came out. some good, some bad, some very very bad.

1. now i can find groups to run for those low level instances like ST or BRD
2. instant port into the dungeon when the group is ready. and when you leave party at the end, you return to where you last were, similar to BGs.
there is a button positioned at the SW point on your mini map with the option to “Teleport to Dungeon”
3. there is a new L80 instance to run! however, there is a bug in the 3rd stage of the instance. after completing the hall of reflection quest stage, you cannot board the ship/boat

1. maxed out instances. and you pay the penalty of waiting another 15 min before you can get into queue for instance again.
2. disconnects. if you are disconnected (either wow kick you or your connection is bad), you wait 15 min again to join the LFG.
3. mages can port u back to your respective server’s main cities, but locks cannot use portal to summon u to instance. workaround: invite a member who is not in the dungeon to join, make him leader. as leader, he can then queue in LFG for the same instance you are all in, then he can have the option to teleport instead of having to run to the instance.

12 Dec note: most of the bugs have been fixed by wow.

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