ah, the great outdoors (i.e. raiding)

went on guild + some pug 25-man raids:
ToGC and Onyxia. worst dps ever. no thanks to my fail PC. it froze every time there was major fighting going on. so sometimes, i died without knowing what happened or being able to prevent it. i.e. standing in fire but screen/keyboard freeze.

managed to outlast most of the dps on the 3rd time on ony (and last try… ppl were very tired since we did ToGC earlier) . when there was less ppl active (since most of them were dead) i was able to do stuff like normal – look at boss and move accordingly, aoe, dps… and we took her down.

so 2 major milestones for zappel completed! but i cannot look forward to ICC yet. i still need to run another 25-man raid to see what my real dps is. but before that….


no, seriously. so i am going to shop for one real soon. otherwise, i might as well just say bye to 25-mans.

a nice surprise while farming outland skins

took my 75 ret pally to BEM to farm some skins for fruit to level his LW. there is a place near the forge camp where there are a good number of boars. and these boars are L70! they drop fel scales, crystal-infused leather, in addition to the usual outland leather. and they give XP!

1 Feb: i still dont remember the name of the forge camp but its in the ogrila zone.

what is a weekend without raids? lots of altoholic fun!

ran my various alts thru various LFG stuff. i was a bit cool so i didnt up and leave any LFG just cos they were sucky. there was only 1 case when i had to leave. VH. tank left group after the 1st wave (i was dps)

there were some sucky groups, such as group wipes at UK 2nd and end bosses. during the runs, there was a boastful L74 mage, tops dps meters, but dies a lot too. the tank was a half-geared DK, so i used my bear to help off tank. the funny thing was, at the end boss fight, we all died, and then the boss died to dots. the mage left but the tank, heals and i ran back to loot the boss. the shammy heals got his quest done and also a nice shammy BoP loot.

i also managed to get my L80 rogue carried thru a few H LFGs and picked up a lot of epic iL200 gear from them. so now i am a bit confused. do i want to gear him up or not? cos i only meant for him to be the locksmith on Firetree. but it was pretty fun to play him. FoK (and glyphed, no less)! he is now about 1/3 in epics and has a bit of EoTs.

spent a bit of time on Kiseki and Pyroblast, running them thru multiple LFG HF dungeons to get HH rep. Kiseki is now honoured, but Pyro has a long way to go still. but since both rested xp is used up, i will put them on hold for a week. also worked on their ench and inscription profs. i took xbowstrike on a flying trip around outlands and picked up herbs for both of them. Kiseki uses nightmare vine to make superior spell potions to level ench. Pyro uses outland herbs to level inscription.

also working on Fruit’s LW reprof. he is now almost at the outlands LW level. so i will probably have to get a skinner there to do the work – could be using my L80 rogue, or send a low level 70 toon to skin the highest level mobs there. maybe can still get some xp from killing those mobs?

since i had been the grateful recipient of many LFG runs this past weekend on my multiple dps toons, i will be mostly tanking and healing this week – pay it forward!

PS: still advising ppl about rankwatch and dual spec. i think i should write a macro for it. haha. no. really.

guild lunch @ plaza singapura food court (5th level)

met some of the guild members for lunch, chatted about rogue, hunter and lock rotations.

also a bit on my mage dps being higher previously and now down again. i explained that was due to talent spec for hit rating affecting the arcane spell dmg. when i had higher dps, i was below hit cap. weird right?

anyway, will get my belt gemmed for SP, and also change some of my lower level gems on my high level gear. then see if that will boost my dps significantly or not. if not, maybe it is still my rotation…. *sigh*

rankwatch mod revisited

it seems ppl never learn their lessons. dual spec toons are always using downranked spells. there was a druid buffing with Mark of the Wild rank 6 instead of 8 because he only fixed his Gift of the Wild spell on his bar. so if someone in the party died and he buff just that person, it would be the wrong spell rank.

last night, healing with Darksunder, i ran 3 OK instances, 2 were incomplete cos of party mechanics.

  1. in the first one, the tank looked at the damage meter after the first boss, and called it quits cos he was top dps. the hunter who was 2 levels below the rest was farming (skinning spiders) and came in at half the dps of the next lowest dpser. as the tank quit in the midst of a mob, i left the party too and took a 5 min LFG penalty. pity the last one left in the party. he will be killed by the mob (unless it is the spider-skinning hunter)
  2. 2nd run was a bit better, but the tank was lost and the lead of the party was silent. if you are the lead you better give directions when the tank tells you he dont know where to go. he was just pulling all the mobs and killing them. a major waste of time for people who just want to kill for emblems (me). i gave up after the 3rd boss. they wanted to go kill the mobs where Amanitar is. however, this is regular so there is no boss drop. so i left the group there.
  3. final and best run. tank knew where to go, even inspected my gear (haha i still have some enhancement rings and trinkets – havent found an upgrade for them yet or else too lazy to make them) of course, i didnt let anyone die if they didnt do anything stupid. probably one of two of them pulled too much aggro at some point or other, but no wipes.

oh yeah. and Dark dinged 74


Guild raids

started with Maly (EoE) for the Weekly Raid

zappel forgot how to fly and fight (failed to target boss and couldnt activate flame shield when boss looked at me so i just flew out of  range and then lost the raid group), and it was a wipe the first time round. but the 2nd fight, the flying automatically came back to me, and we downed the boss in real quick time.

moved on to KT (Naxx)

zappel finally killed off KT (naxx end boss) via the new shortcut. you dont need to kill all 4 wings to get to port to Saph. there is a portal in naxx that will bring you to Saph directly, so you just need to kill Saph then KT. which we did.

and stopped after VoA

didnt win any gear but had a lot of run running stuff i had forgotten (used to run them as heals on my priest, Spiritcat).

Had so much fun, i forgot to do my daily H for EoF!

Next up: Ulduar!

LFG – H Oculus is a walk in the park (with dragonkin)

even so, there was a O-virgin healer who on popping into the instance, immediately took himself off. so the group 4-manned the adds. tank was a pally so he could self heal up as we cleared the starting zone. fortunately, the 2nd healer that joined the group wasnt a chicken, and we went on to clear the dungeon. no drake dropped, but i love that Bag of Gems. if i could get LFG H Oculus every time, i would go!

strangely, on the LFG H runs i had today, the healers were inconsistent. there was a H CoS run that the healer DCed just in the middle of the run to the end boss. lucky the tank was again a pally. we had to clear the adds minus a healer and thus couldnt do the time run for drake, not that any of them would have needed the bronze drake. they all have GS scores of approx 5k. xense was the only 4ker, and on her first H CoS run already got the drake. the replacement healer had to do a very long run in to join up with the party. good thing i was on my hunter, so i could use Aspect of the Pack to help her run just that bit faster. and the sec the end boss was down, she didnt even bother to wait for loot and just took her emblems and left!

LFG – H HoR getting on my nerves

it got so bad i finally sent a ticket to keep the very very busy GMs 1 more piece of mail to attend to.

crux of the matter: LFG requirements for this H is not stringent enough. so many parties wipe and call it because either the tank or heals or even dps is not good enough to clear it.

how low can you go? last night, i waited 20 min (mage is dps) for LFG, and H HoR pops up. already  my heart sink low low. 2 sec into the instance, the tank (i quickly do a GS inspection of the party) with GS of around 4100 leaves the party cos he knows he wont be able to tank it.

so what do you do? wait until another tank comes along, with a high enough GS? sometimes, even a high GS tank wont want to do it if the heals or dps isnt good enough.

H HoR is not a walk in the park. it’s the new oculus, now that oculus has been nerfed to the ground. so you take a 15 min LFG deserter penalty. not your fault, but the stupid LFG system fault for finding a group that wont cut it.

and then you take another 20min to queue  in LFG because you are dps.


some milestones for my alts


got pyro to L60 and bought him his flying mount so its easy herbing from the skies. but he still havent done the chain leading to the ramps quests, so once he gets some rested xp i will do so. finally, i have no more toons that will need to run old world dungeons. farewell, LBRS! that hopeless maze that no one knows how to run.

2 others dinged 70: muzzleshot and mib. they now can equip the first of the L70 set gear that mib (LW) made.



sorry, couldnt resist the temptation

rested or no rested xp, i still ran kiseki a few more instances, cos they came just one after the other. i was only planning on levelling her enchanting and mining skills, so popped her into LFG (dps can take forever to get a group) just for the fun of it. as i had just completed the chain necessary for ramps, i supposed the first LFG i get in would enable me to complete the 2 ramps quests. well, the group i ran with was so good, they went for 2nds. blood furnace. so i turned in ramps quests and got the BF ones, and completed them as well. so now kiseki is L61 and departing for zangarmarsh. and still cant mine adamantite! but its so much easier to look for ore from the skies!