bought an i5 computer

havent tried it out on 25-man yet, but i ran a H UP with Zappel and the graphics were glorious. even then, i didnt run everything on max resolution. i dont really need to see grass and stuff. anyway, it’s not like i bought top dollar components so i cant really run everything at max graphics anyway.

and yes, im still using xp even though i could have bought win7. i guess i still dont see a need for win7. the only sw i had to buy is norton 360 v3 (3 copies), which i then installed on my new PC, my other PC and my notebook (considered my old PC – it froze mostly at 25-man raids).

installing WoW is a piece of cake if you already have an installed copy on your old PC. just copy the whole World of Warcraft folder to your new PC and run the Wow.exe to play the game.

as for the H UP run, if you dont wanna kill all the bosses and just go for the daily EoF, you can skip bosses #1 and 2. while boss 1 is complaining, just run past. as for boss 2, if you dont activate him its just a quick run past that zone. boss 3, surprisingly, i was the harpoon collector. cos no one else wanted to do it XD. so i just kinda stopped dpsing (anyway, i was 2nd on dps meter so i just let it drop to 3rd during that period) and let my pet frosty go aggro (i was still in frost spec after the 25-man onyxia raid) while i ran around picking up harpoons and shooting them off at the boss.

at the other end of the scale, i ran SP for Pyroblast and Kiseki. first, i ran both of them to get the Lost In Action quest (have to swim under the lake to talk to the npc. and do the same again on completion to turn in quest). i shared the quest with the party members, which resulted in some of them asking, where are the other 2 npcs needed to complete the quest, did we miss them along the way. LOLOLOLOLO. so i had to keep telling them the other 2 npcs are in UB. both times, i ran with pro tank and heals so it was a breeze. compared to some of the LFG L70 runs i have been on of late, the L60 runs are so much better. i wonder why the quality of the players are so different…

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