LFG’s best friend: /ignore

there is only so much you can do in a LFG. there will always be some really nasty players that you will never ever want to see again.

it can be the tank that decides to skip town in the middle of the VH mob waves. or some foul-mouthed brat.

/ignore <name>-<realm> takes care of that. you will never have to group up with them again cos LFG uses your /ignore list to filter out undesirables.

now, /ignore isn’t going to prevent the mentally retarded from logging in with another toon to whisper you the top 10 vulgarities on his list. it’s just so you dont need to run with them in a LFG ever again.

incidently, 2 interesting LFG runs i had lately.

1st: AN. shortnacity (frost, tank specced, def geared, frost presence) was L72 going on 73, and went into the instance, thinking this would be a piece of cake. cos everyone was higher level. unfortunately, the dps were noobs, the healer was noob. so we wiped several times at the mob waves b4 the 1st boss. after a few more wipes, we called it. dps never break webbed tgts (esp heals), aggro skirmishers who then proceeded to flatten them. healer not effective, even though L74. in another AN run later that day, i was on Cavelion (L74 disc priest) and i healed the whole group i was with perfectly.

2nd: Nexus. shortnacity again, since i didnt complete the LFG instance for the EoTs. cleared fast and ok. then at the frozen zone, things start to break down. dps dont know when to aoe (when i have DnD, then aoe! duh…) so they draw aggro from pests. came to the point where we died at the 3rd boss. the mage and other dps killed themselves during the spell reflect periods. and the healer who should be healing me i think went and healed them too much so i died when he ran out of mana. awesome boss fight fail followed by even more awesome wipe run fail. when running back to the 3rd boss thru the frozen zone, the shammy healer decided that he can run, aggro pests (no more mobs, we cleared them already) then aoe them to death. lol. more like he get attacked by them to death. fortunately i was running with him and grab aggro with DnD.  then the last pax on our party decided to release and run. after we already cleared towards his corpse. so we have to run back to escort him. but at that point, the healer ran way in front, aggroed pests, and died. so we had to teleport out and in and everyone start at the start again. and if that wasnt enough, for the 4th boss, wiped at first try. how? i have no idea. cos the 2nd time we downed the boss with everyone alive and well.

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