Monday night Altoholic maintenance schedule

step 1: altoholic mail maintenance

about every 2 weeks, i tend to just login to every toon on every server just to refresh their mailbox. i wish items in mailboxes stay in them indefinitely. i would rather there be a limit to the no. of mails that can be kept, so that when you send items to a full mailbox, it would be rejected. that is a better way of informing ppl that the item will not be delivered, vs an item that is delivered, but if the mailbox is never checked, the said mail will disappear into thin air in 1 month’s time. or returned to sender, and disappear from sender’s mailbox in 1 month’s time. so either way, mail can never remain in a mailbox beyond a month.

checking mail issue is especially important for my alt banker toons. since i run AH on various servers, i tend to auction stuff at one go, then forget about it until some time later. depends on whether i am playing alts on a particular server more often. the less often accessed servers auction wins and returns could be left in mail for longer than 1 month if i am careless and forgot i ever put up stuff in the AH. by forcing myself to login to every toon and check mail, i ensure that i keep the mailboxes refreshed every so often.

step 2: mats maintenance

of course, once i check mail, it means that stuff i sent from 1 alt to another will also be received. and that will mean a 2-way traffic: farm mats to prof alts and prof gear to alts that will be able to use them.

non prof mats such as food or mats for food, etc, will be extracted from mail and put into inventory or bank of the alt.

step 3: gear maintenance

this is not so important, since when i do play an alt i will oso check mail, so any latest gear received from alt profs will getting added to the alts bank or inventory depending on whether it can be used now or to be kept for future level.

for gear i can use on the alt now, i will do a gear check. if his current gear is better, then the crafted item either gets sent according to priority as follows to

  1. next in line alt that can use the gear
  2. bank alt for AH purpose
  3. if price point too low for AH – DE or vendor off food mats.

LFG – the joys of being dps. NOT!

had a horrendous time on my L73 going on L74 hunter, Muzzleshot, with LFG yesterday. took me approx 2 hrs waiting and failing to finally earn my EoTs.


because the LFG queue is usually 30 min, i set off to do my quests, but ever ready to pop into an instance.

so after the customary wait, i got into a AN run. looked at the party. hmmm, L76 healer, nice. L72 tank, not so nice. the dps is between 71 and 73 so they are ok.

we clear the mobs to the 1st boss. tank dies. gets rezzed. already a bad sign. but while heals is trying to get mana back after rezzing, he starts boss fight sequence. of course, its a wipe. and the healer left after that. then the rest disappear too. LFG went up in smoke.

next time i get into an instance, its nexus. i thought. should be a piece of cake. after all, im L73. the rest are around L71. the expected level for this instance. trash mobs to first boss were nicely cleared. then we wiped at the 1st boss. the priest didnt use PoM (prayer of mending) at all. half the time she was ‘stunned’. i was the first to die. i was the lowest on the being healed meters. and i was the highest dps in the group. so of course we wipe once im dead. 2nd highest dps was a mage, and he got no heals either. so 2nd time round, i told the shammy to offheal. and for priest to use PoM. we cleared the boss but i still died. again, no heals. i think i pissed off the priest for giving her advice. probably a him, but im just identifying by character gender type. right after the boss fight, the tank decided to pull the next mob, even though i told him to wait for the pat mob first (hunter can track mobs). tried to get the 1st mob down quick. but not quick enough, the pats joined up. i died again. then healer left group, followed by tank. so LFG fail again.

finally, got a nexus group that worked. from start to finish, pretty much smoothly going. total time waiting and doing failed runs to finally completing one, 2 hrs.

on the other hand, pyroblast had a much easier nexus run. a quiet industrious group, cleared everything easy. even though a dps dropped out early, the replacement dps DK was ok, if a bit mouthy about his dps. but haha, he was L73 and his dps was below pyro’s L71 dps and total output. and i wasnt even working hard at dpsing, just going along nicely.

i say goodbye to horde – toons, that is.

i tried to play them, i truely really did. for a while. but ultimately, i just couldnt. so the other day, to create a new toon on my account, i had to delete an existing toon. pigscanfly was the sacrificial victim. RIP, my lowbie tauren druid, that never took off into the skies.

but your replacement toon, Nighthaven, a nelf druid, will most likely make it to the level cap one day…. so be satisfied that your deletion will not be in vain.

patch 3.3.3 pros and cons for me

time to go and download updates for my mods

LFG: i like that they now have a shortcut for CoS, and some of the penalties for deserting or being vote kicked have changed for the better, i think. most importantly, players can no longer roll Need on Frozen Orbs in dungeons under Need Before Greed loot rules. Pass and Greed options will still be available.

DKs: wow. a lot of good stuff for DKs. Icy Touch more threat, Chains of Ice auto add Frost Fever, Will of the Necropolis no CD, Nerves of Cold Steel (Frost talent for tanking using dual wield) offhand dmg increase, etc

Mages: oso rocks! frostbolt dmg inc 5%, combustion now 2min CD like trinkets, empowered fire and TotW now applies to pyros too, etc

Rogues: im not writing anymore. they are going to be seriously OP!

lots of PvP changes but idc.

Frozo the Renowned has moved into the Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange and will be trading your Frozen Orbs for various other trade goods.

Titansteel Bar: Creating this item no longer results in a cooldown.

The cooldown and location requirements have been removed from creating Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave.

time flies when ur having fun

last night, i just logged into 1 toon and spent hours on him at the expense of all my other alts. zappel. my L80 fire mage. when u have L80s that are already geared to the max with EoT stuff, what else is left but a daily H run for the EoF badges and the weekly raid? sure, some ppl will work (BGs and arena) for PVP gear but that is too much work for me.

since i started to do Northrend Loremaster achievement on him, partly cos i need to farm cloth and partly to explore the xpac more in detail, i dont need to sit around Dalaran and twiddle my thumbs while waiting for a LFG run. not that LFG queues are long for L80s, even dps can get a run every 15 min or so.

well, 1 LFG run turned into another, and another, and before i know it, i had completed quite a few of my Zul’drak quests and collected quite a bit of EoTs too.

some ppl farm EoTs to get gems for selling. well, i keep them for myself. but now i actually have some use for EoTs. i have created a new toon on the server, dwarf pally, and i have got some BoA gear for him already. the XP shoulders and a nice 2h mace.

between the questing and LFGs, i managed to accumulate enough cloth to make 2 frostweave bags for my new alts. XD

which reminds me, i need to log on to my other L80 on this realm and run tons of H for the EoTs for my other new toon, dwarf warrior, who is only currently equipped with the BoA 2h sword

farming in SB – outlast

farming is serious biz. it’s tough out there, esp when u dont have an epic flyer. but if you persist, the rewards are out there. you just need to know when to farm and know the routes. of course, it helps if you use a pally to farm cos of crusader aura (inc mount speed).

today, i had a fun time in SB with my ore farmer, gorlog. the timing was right. not right after the WG battle. cos when WG is over, you have a ton of 80s streaming out of WG into SB to farm whatever can be farmed. and a lot of them will have epic flying so you are basically out of luck on a slow/normal flying mount.

so i just had to compete with a few others. today there was a determined farmer lock on a slow flying mount, like me. so i was faster cos i have crusader aura! and i can tell whenever he is around, cos the battle log will show his lock-specific buff trying to add health every few sec. so we were basically leapfrogging each other on the ores.

he stole a vein off me while i was fending off mobs. that’s lowbrow. so after that, i paid more attention to him. if he is around, i will not go for veins with mobs unless its titanium. cos i would have to stun the mob and then mine the vein. but after that i still gotta kill the mob and that takes time. in the meanwhile, he would have gotten to a few more clear veins. so why would i be so dumb, right?

plus i know where all the ores in SB are. i farmed here so often on so many diff toons so that when i see competition i can always find a alternate path. it is only when there is too much competition and faster competition that makes it pointless to continue.

so i continued to mine away happily, and i was always faster to the ore than him if we are going for the same one! haha. of course, i dont want to spoil his day. we are both farmers. so i try to go some other path if i see him. it just makes economic sense. if we leapfrog each other, both him and i are just farming less and flying more. that is a waste of my time. i dont care if he wastes his time, but i dont want to waste mine. so i always veer off to some other mining route.

i finally stopped when my bags are full. must have mined about 200 ores but the gem pickings are few. sad. i cant afford to prospect saronite ore yet. i still need a lot of it for various prof levelling and gear.

oh well, back to farming again tonight if the timing is right. XD

Maintenance Tuesday – housekeeping time

tuesday is actually a day i look forward to, esp if there is regular server maintenance. then i have to do something else with my time. sure, i could play other games, but i figured this tuesday i had better do something about the mountain of stuff in my bedroom. it had been accumulating slowly but surely, cos i take things out of cupboard and then got too lazy to put it back – dvds, books, comics, magazines, snacks, newspapers. so i did some housekeeping. chucked out the old stuff, stuffed some of the things back into cupboards and in general tidied up the room. now it is just half a mountain of stuff. another couple more of maintenance tuesdays should do it.

and i even had time to watch a bit of korean drama – Glass Castle/City of Glass. the lead actress looks a bit like the young Michelle Pfieffer. story is about the families of 2 lovers who got married in spite of the diff in family background. guy is from rich and prominent society family, girl is from poor family. so a bit of cinderella, as well as the not so happy ever after bits. good show a lot of drama and also learn a bit of class/etiquette stuff and also family politics skills.

btw, patch 333 still not out yet. but the downloading of parts has begun.

LFG – Utgarde Keep

having run a few UK instances (H and non) yesterday, i noticed a few things.

H runs

if you have a well geared tank, 2 things:

  1. they tend to chain pull mobs for quick aoe kills, assuming the healer can keep the tank up. i had a run where the healer (approx GS 3k) just couldnt heal up the tank in a mass attack and we all wiped. after that, the tank took it easier. healers should know their limits and advise accordingly. it’s not nice to tell ppl you cant do it after the wipe.
  2. the other problem of chain pulling is the non-stop fights. they are mana intensive. this is more a problem for healers. for dps, if they are flat, then there is no choice but to stop and drink and let the rest carry on without you. hunters have an easier option: switch to viper and carry on until mana tops up again.

if you have an aoe tank, like pally, then for the first boss fight, the whole party should stack on tank, cos he will basically consecrate on the boss, and anyone who gets ice tombed will find themselves free very quickly from the pally’s aoe.  in fact, for pally tanks, there are some fights in instances which can benefit from stacking on tank, esp those that ice tomb or web (AN)

non-H runs

in H runs, end boss fight is usually a tank and spank event. the tank takes the smashes and dark smashes and the healer is expected to heal thru it (without any off healer).  in non-H runs, some healers are just not that pro or well equipped. if the tank refuse to run, then sometimes, the group wipes when they could have cleared it at first go. worse, some tanks dont know how to run. they have never tanked the boss any other way! last night i ran a UK that wiped twice at the end boss just cos the tank didnt run from the dark smashes. we finally beat the boss on the 3rd go cos we got the ret pally to off heal (lol) and i think the tank did try to run from the dark smashes.

general tips

by now, all groups only clear the 2 mobs out of 3 in the starting circle, then run into the drake room. in the past, it made sense to clear all 3 mobs, so that when your party wipes, you can run thru faster. now it is rare for a party to wipe, non-H included.

the drake zone is one of the trickiest. as some groups have found out, you can skip the drakes that are on the R, as well as the solo drakes on the L. just clear the pair of drake and handler on the L centre lane, and then go for the trio at the end of the room. however, this means there is a whole bunch of drakes you can accidentally land on, if you get knockback by the drakes you do engage, when your positioning is poor. tank has to position himself so that melee dps should be directly behind the boss, and then both him and the melee dps have a safe zone to get knockback. most of the aggros are poor positioning by the melee dps or poor positioning by the tank so that the pets are blown onto other mobs.

the mobs leading up to the first set of stairs should all be cleared as they are too close to the stairs and easy to aggro by pet, even if the owner sticks to the side of the stairs.

2nd boss fight has now been standardised. kill castor boss first then melee boss. then any adds that spawn in H. melee boss has to be tanked. shadow resistance from pally or priest is most welcome.

the mob at the 2nd set of stairs is far enough so that mob can be skipped by impatient H groups.

have 1k gold will fly

what a difference having a L80 and 1k gold makes.

i used xbowstrike to get the cold weather flying tome for gorlog, and from mining 410 he went all the way to 450 in a couple of days. flying all over the place, especially over WG and SB for the saronite and eventually the titanium veins (need them to prospect for gems in the future). mining also allows gorlog to pick up the occasional gem and level up his JC skills.


so now, he is L76, overtaken Timeforfun who has been L75 for quite a while now. so i have to now get Time up to speed. but Time who is an alchemist is also benefiting from Gorlog’s mining. the saronite bars are used to transmute to titanium bars, in order to level Time’s alchemist skill!

so there is a lot of demand for saronite from my pally ore farmer! XD. his saronite is also sent to Ellonis to make his plate tanking gear.

i also have to send him to mine cobalt for levelling muzzleshot’s engineering so that he can eventually make saronite bullets/arrows for xbow.

xbowstrike first epics

all acquired over 2 days H runs: achieved Northrend Dungeonmaster

ring off H gundrak – hemorrhaging circle

30 x EoT – windrunner’s spaulders of conquest

50 x EoT – windrunner’s tunic of conquest

bracer off H nexus – interwoven scale bracers

rev rep with Argent Crusade: bought the L200 blue gun which is better dps than my heirloom bow.

of course, i had already 30+ EoTs when i started on my H run grind, thanks to the LFG system.

currently working on getting friendly rep for both Ebon and Hodir, and getting the 4-pc Windrunner set.