time flies when ur having fun

last night, i just logged into 1 toon and spent hours on him at the expense of all my other alts. zappel. my L80 fire mage. when u have L80s that are already geared to the max with EoT stuff, what else is left but a daily H run for the EoF badges and the weekly raid? sure, some ppl will work (BGs and arena) for PVP gear but that is too much work for me.

since i started to do Northrend Loremaster achievement on him, partly cos i need to farm cloth and partly to explore the xpac more in detail, i dont need to sit around Dalaran and twiddle my thumbs while waiting for a LFG run. not that LFG queues are long for L80s, even dps can get a run every 15 min or so.

well, 1 LFG run turned into another, and another, and before i know it, i had completed quite a few of my Zul’drak quests and collected quite a bit of EoTs too.

some ppl farm EoTs to get gems for selling. well, i keep them for myself. but now i actually have some use for EoTs. i have created a new toon on the server, dwarf pally, and i have got some BoA gear for him already. the XP shoulders and a nice 2h mace.

between the questing and LFGs, i managed to accumulate enough cloth to make 2 frostweave bags for my new alts. XD

which reminds me, i need to log on to my other L80 on this realm and run tons of H for the EoTs for my other new toon, dwarf warrior, who is only currently equipped with the BoA 2h sword

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