LFG – the joys of being dps. NOT!

had a horrendous time on my L73 going on L74 hunter, Muzzleshot, with LFG yesterday. took me approx 2 hrs waiting and failing to finally earn my EoTs.


because the LFG queue is usually 30 min, i set off to do my quests, but ever ready to pop into an instance.

so after the customary wait, i got into a AN run. looked at the party. hmmm, L76 healer, nice. L72 tank, not so nice. the dps is between 71 and 73 so they are ok.

we clear the mobs to the 1st boss. tank dies. gets rezzed. already a bad sign. but while heals is trying to get mana back after rezzing, he starts boss fight sequence. of course, its a wipe. and the healer left after that. then the rest disappear too. LFG went up in smoke.

next time i get into an instance, its nexus. i thought. should be a piece of cake. after all, im L73. the rest are around L71. the expected level for this instance. trash mobs to first boss were nicely cleared. then we wiped at the 1st boss. the priest didnt use PoM (prayer of mending) at all. half the time she was ‘stunned’. i was the first to die. i was the lowest on the being healed meters. and i was the highest dps in the group. so of course we wipe once im dead. 2nd highest dps was a mage, and he got no heals either. so 2nd time round, i told the shammy to offheal. and for priest to use PoM. we cleared the boss but i still died. again, no heals. i think i pissed off the priest for giving her advice. probably a him, but im just identifying by character gender type. right after the boss fight, the tank decided to pull the next mob, even though i told him to wait for the pat mob first (hunter can track mobs). tried to get the 1st mob down quick. but not quick enough, the pats joined up. i died again. then healer left group, followed by tank. so LFG fail again.

finally, got a nexus group that worked. from start to finish, pretty much smoothly going. total time waiting and doing failed runs to finally completing one, 2 hrs.

on the other hand, pyroblast had a much easier nexus run. a quiet industrious group, cleared everything easy. even though a dps dropped out early, the replacement dps DK was ok, if a bit mouthy about his dps. but haha, he was L73 and his dps was below pyro’s L71 dps and total output. and i wasnt even working hard at dpsing, just going along nicely.

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