altoholic daily tasks

even if i dont run LFG instance (and the very rare raid these days), there are some things i will do a quick login for:


AH if i got a ton of stuff to sell but i dont want to sell it all at once – eg. ench mats. so i just sell 1 piece a day. to keep the demand up. and oso to check. some days the price goes down and i dont sell.

sad to say, inscription scrolls are practically no-sale items these days. every one’s got a ton of them to get rid of. the other crap item is the engineering swiss knife. the other day got ppl just giving it away. but haha, on blackwater, it’s not crap to me yet. cos i havent got my engineering toon up to that level yet, so my toons on the realm are still carrying all the other prof tools.


this is such a pain. only 1 transmute a day for either an eternal or a gem. and then random procs are really that – hardly ever. all my alchemists are transmutation masters but i think they are all noobs! XD.

but since i mine a lot of saronite, i need to transmute them to titanium bars and that is cool cos there is no CD for that. oso, as a result of my mining toons i get a lot of eternal earth so it makes sense to convert them to more useful eternals.

and now that i have got a few of my alchemists to max level, they can even transmute gems! and that is way cheaper than trading in my hard earned EoTs down to EoHs to buy them off the vendor. cos most of my L80 toons still need to use EoTs to get the L232 class set. only zappel and naturespower are beyond that requirement and hence all their spare EoTs were spent on BoA gear for Incorrigible and Stormfrost.


ok, so the scrolls are worthless. but i still need to farm herbs and learn the full inscription skills. so that is an on-going concern on both my scribes, blackstealth@firetree and pyroblast@blackwater

Less a few tasks, thanks to recent changes with Patch 3.3.3

Now without the CDs for ebonweave, spellweave, titansteel, i dont need to do them anymore, except when i need to. so the constraint now falls on how much cloth or eternals i manage to pickup or transmute. once i get missmisty max level for tailoring, i can even relax on the cloth stuff. and then i can get my toons trained up on FA! i had to sacrifice levelling FA for tailoring for the longest time. the end is in sight!

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