another day another penny

slowly progressing my alts to level cap is fun.

on firetree, dethnyte is now L79, and should be my first DK to L80. moodykat isnt far behind. i intend for both to hit L80 about the same time. probably in a couple of weeks. cos i only run like 1 LFG per day to max out the EoTs. since they both tank, it’s a fast queue. and if tanks have to queue, i switch over to healer alts. so either way, it’s fast faster fastest! yup, also putting in time for fruit (resto druid), cavelion (disc priest), darksunder (resto shammy).

on blackwater raiders, things are a bit different. im more into farming mats for making tanking gear for gorlog, my new tankadin/retadin. so i prefer using dps alts that have a long LFG queue time, so that they can fly around SB and mine tons of ore and elements. i dont run LFG for gorlog, cos his dps as retadin is really really low. no gear. so he can’t really tank either. well, he tanked 1 H run before, but that’s about it. i wait for weekends when i can run gorlog (dps) together with timeforfun (heals). then he will be able to get a LFG group fast and chance for gear drops. anyway, i prefer to run time or xbow in H so that they can get frozen orbs, which are required mats in almost all starter epic crafted stuff.

lastly, just got 2 BoA items for blacksteath – the shoulders and chest xp gear. missmisty had accumulated enough shards and EoTs to exchange for the items. then i took him to complete his trinket run in howling fjord (kaluak quests) and with an instance run, he finally got to L74. oh, and something funny happened in the instance, DTK. he got the blue 1h mace drop, and then equipped it as main wpn. then he started missing all his shots. LOL. he hasnt trained in mace since donkey years! none of his sinister strikes hit the tgt. after awhile, i realised something was wrong, and i took it off. have to go train his mace skills b4 i can use the wpn! after the run, i respecced him so that he could use the glyph of vigor (i was such a noob! i glyped him but didnt spec him for vigor, so the glyph was basically USELESS!) now he has 120 energy and gives much better performance in his key skills like SND and eviscerate. i have to get him to L80 sooner or later, as he is the scribe on firetree. i will probably retire assasinatorx (L80), since both rogues have the same spec and assainatorx is just a farming toon. haha. i guess i have to go level his lockpicking skills. i forgot to do it for some levels.

what a difference a weekend makes


check it out, timeforfun can heal pretty well now,  after a few days work.  his gear is now in Superior level. countless running LFG H gives u a few advantages – you pick up epic stuff, get rep and cash and more EoTs! (plus the daily EoFs).

of course, he started out with enough EoTs to get 2 pieces of the L232 priest set. and with Gorlog making an epic neck piece, etc, he was pretty much already heal-able.

Gorlog has also made it to L80 but he has still a long way to go. will be hard to tank with so little epic gear, although he oso has 2 pieces of the L232 plate tanking set.


timeforfun is latest L80


not too bad. he already had 90 EoTs when he dinged on a LFG group last night to HoL. so i did a re-spec (still disc/holy but cleaned up some mess of his talent pts) and bought the head and shoulders L232 set. plus a titansteel spell necklace made by gorlog, he passed the 3k GS mark and went LFG H run. lucky it was a simple VH run. and with the rest all at approx 5k GS, it was a breeze.

a perfect day

i love it when everything goes well. last night was such a pleasant time.

i took ellonis saronite farming in SB (got her cold weather flying a couple of days ago) so i put her in LFG dps queue instead of tanking, which would be instant and she wont be able to level her mining skill. as she was flying over SB, i kinda heartpain when i saw 2 tit veins and nothing i could do about it. i managed to get her almost to max mining skill, then LFG popped up for an ok run thru OK (haha bad pun).  not good but just ok. cos the tank died in a simple mob fight (L73 pally but higher dmg than Ellonis at L75) and we wiped. but after that, no more deaths so that was ok. the tank was acting a bit weird, pulling stuff that ppl usually skip, and skipping what we usually pull (ok, that’s just once, he overshot the 1st boss. haha), i was in tanking gear for the 2nd half of the run. just in case. even though the heals was L78 pally. as long as i was in blood presence, it was ok.

even better was running Timeforfun thru UP. got 2 quests done, and xp almost hitting L80. i think i will hit L80 for him this weekend together with Gorlog. then start to worry about gear…. the dungeon was a piece of cake, although some ppl died along the way, through their eagerness to take dmg over the tank, who was top dmg. in fact, he carried the whole group. can tell when dps is bad, the 2 animals just b4 the 2nd boss fight actually got time to enrage!

took Cavelion thru an instance too, just for fun. he healed VH with a pro group but as usual, some overeager dps (ie never let tank grab loose mob first). but no one died cos cavelion is disc. disc really has some advantages over holy in quick saves.

while i was at it, i ran Darksunder thru DTK. cos he got the LFG real quick, he didnt have time to get water, so i had to port out to Dalaran for water, then back in. but after that, it was a piece of cake. so quick, i sometimes forgot to drop either the heroism for the boss fights or the fire/earth elemental.  and had to skip on skinning. *sad*

in that same mood, i ran LFG for moodykat (GD) and naturespower (HoL), before i called it a night. all the groups were nice and efficient. ok. make that SUPER efficient for naturespower’s group. the shaman was 6k GS and doing 6k dps. we killed the end boss loken so fast, there was no time for him to cast lightning nova.

back on the chain gang

damn, just when i thought i had done enough H runs on naturespower, now i need to run a lot more to get his L232 feral set, in time for cat. with a tanking/cat set in addition to his resto gear, he’ll be going places.

so. he’s gonna be a daily H run duty for me from now till his gear is complete. that should net him both the EoFs and EoTs he needs.

over the weekend, i ran zappel together with naturespower thru chain H for this purpose. but there’s only so much you can rush thru per day. slow and steady is better. after all, its still months b4 cat.

took a break from wow on sunday. watched robin hood at the movies (4 out of 5 stars for me) and kdrama jumong. both a lot of fighting. haha. makes me very tempted to go play wow!

watching kdrama severely impacts my playtime

ah, the joy of opportunity costs. since i paid for both the kdrama and gametime on wow, if i watch the drama, i lose playtime on wow. as both are such fun things to do, i dont regret one for the other. but ultimately, it does mean i spend less time on wow. and ignoring the levelling of some alts.

but i guess if we play less, we enjoy what we play more too. so when i took dethnyte tanking in VH, and had a great group, it was fun.

playing cavelion was even more fun. the OK LFG group had a L80 5k GS DK tanking in dps gear. he said the prev heals left. couldnt hack it.  and was a resto druid too. lol. i told him, no problem with disc priest. sure enough. it was a breeze of a run. popping shield and renew and once in a while a penance was enough. had to work a bit harder when he chose to pull 2 large mobs as we headed for the end boss. 2 greater heals in addition to the usual stuff i throw out.

finally, a tough ICC H run thru PoS for missmisty. we wiped twice cos the healer was a bit slow to the heal on the tank. once tank down, the group will wipe in most cases, and this was not an exception. but other than those 2 wipe situations, the rest was biz as usual. the 2nd wipe probably caused a bug leading to the end boss fight, so we wiped again. cos the adds kept on respawning and we couldnt fight both boss and the tunnel adds.

once we wiped, the end boss fight was properly reset and we downed the boss easily. no thanks to me, i was 3rd on damage meters but close enough to 2nd dps.

tuesdays are for real life

got so used to maintenance tuesdays, i automatically make plans to do stuff outside wow on tuesdays. i went to buy DVD of turandot opera (nessum dorma by pave-a-roti), and check out some nice new eating places.

by the time i got back, and logged on to check mail, etc, i popped into wow and found that it was running. nice. but i didnt have a lot of time left, so i just did my daily tasks and then took missmisty ore farming in SB while waiting for LFG. she lucky today. got TOC and a dps castor ring L219 dropped for her! btw, her dps was the lowest. even the healer dps was higher. lol. yup, some LFG groups are just a nice stroll in the park. free emblems! /cheer

i oso took muzzleshot farming in SB. he had a good gas and mining run. the LFG queue he was in was supposedly 38 min long. but he got a group forming before that estimate was exceeded (as it happens a lot with dps toons). lucky for him, that group had a dps that didnt turn up, so muzzleshot could continue to farm. and that was how he picked up 2 tit veins in a row! then the LFG group prompt came up again and he went to VH

as expected, muzzleshot topped the dmg and dps charts. cos he was using saronite arrows. haha.

spending time on neglected alts

blackstealth was actually my pal’s rogue but he doesnt have time to play him, so i usually level him to the barest minimum so that he can function as a scribe. then the occasional time i or my pal take him out and about northrend, is how he got to L73.

having taken a rogue to L80 before, i guess i felt i owe it to blackstealth to shake the cobwebs off his cool leather suit and put him back into the stealth business. i had been playing him for the past few days, to finish up on his Scalawag Point quests that leads to 2 cool blue trinkets.

as usual, what i do is queue for LFG, then take him questing to kill time while queuing. once i get into LFG, i complete it, then log him out for the day, even if he is not in an inn. this will allow me to log into him and carry on doing what i was doing the following day.

that way, i dont spend too much time on him and neglect the more important daily stuff i do, and yet i can get him to slowly accumulate some emblems and level up too. as of last night, he got his 1st blue trinket and then went for his LFG in Nexus. he didnt top dps, but rogues are like that. his gear is already quite nice for his level. once he has better trinkets his dps will go up more. mib can do more dps cos mib is LW. so he has good gear, trinkets plus LW buffs.

hmmm, maybe i can spend some WG shards on BoA gear for him? let me think about this, since i have a lot of L80s on that a/c and tons of shards. BoA gear will never be a waste as long as u have an alt not at L80 yet.

the other neglected toon is cavelion@L75. i guess if i have time, i should take him out to run LFG even if he never quests anymore.

still, my current focus is, in order of priority:

  1. JC daily on both disowned and gorlog, so that they can make the epic gems for their realm toons.
  2. daily transmutes for alchemists timeforfun, opheilia and cavelion, so that i can get more eternals for smelting titansteel or making epic gems
  3. levelling pickwick@L77, moodykat@L78, dethnyte@L78, darksunder@L75,
  4. levelling timeforfun@L79, gorlog@L79 (slowly, no gear now if hit L80 now)
  5. farming on pickwick, muzzleshot, xense, xbowstrike and missmisty

RP post

i’m not going to repeat myself, so i will just link what i posted to wow insider.

LFG fail group

this must be the most awesome fail group i ever ran in LFG. i just got kiseki to L75 so wanna run an instance for fun. queue, waited the usual dps queue time, then pop, into OK.

immediately, either the tank or heals left, and we queued for another. didnt take long, we got moving. whatever the case, we somehow got to the 1st boss, cleared it, then the tank left the party.

while waiting for another, the hunter went to aggro a mob in front with the heals. just great. when we dont have a tank. lucky i was on kiseki, so my FG tanked and a new tank popped in midfight so we managed to take down the adds mob. after that i kicked the hunter cos he was basically acting weird.

just when we thought things were going to settle down to routine, the heals and another dps ended up aggroing another bunch of adds (behind the 1st boss, which is weird, we should not aggro mobs that we didnt clear) again, my FG helped to save the day. but i was thinking how much worse can this group and run get?

much worse. we cleared midway to 2nd boss. just before the 1st circle (frostbringers and eyes), the healer left. another took his place. but in cat form? the tank and i tried to talk to the healer. resto druid talents but not communicating. he switched to nelf form. so i thought maybe he will do his job that way. wrong. he didnt heal and the whole party wiped.

we ran back and tried to kick him. guess what? we exceeded the no. of kicks we can do for this instance. so now how? a useless healer. the party would have to disband. fortunately there was toon who is from my realm, so i relogged timeforfun to help the group heal.

but first, we got the dps hunter to MD mob to the weirdo druid ‘healer’ and watched him die with great satisfaction. however, after 2 MCs, the tank and the hunter ran short of time and left party. so the party finally broke up

i felt bad for the toon on my realm, so i joined up with him to queue LFG. this time round, OK too, we cleared to the end.

i have put /ignore blkice-lightbringer for that L74 weirdo resto druid.

he will never party with me ever again.