spending time on neglected alts

blackstealth was actually my pal’s rogue but he doesnt have time to play him, so i usually level him to the barest minimum so that he can function as a scribe. then the occasional time i or my pal take him out and about northrend, is how he got to L73.

having taken a rogue to L80 before, i guess i felt i owe it to blackstealth to shake the cobwebs off his cool leather suit and put him back into the stealth business. i had been playing him for the past few days, to finish up on his Scalawag Point quests that leads to 2 cool blue trinkets.

as usual, what i do is queue for LFG, then take him questing to kill time while queuing. once i get into LFG, i complete it, then log him out for the day, even if he is not in an inn. this will allow me to log into him and carry on doing what i was doing the following day.

that way, i dont spend too much time on him and neglect the more important daily stuff i do, and yet i can get him to slowly accumulate some emblems and level up too. as of last night, he got his 1st blue trinket and then went for his LFG in Nexus. he didnt top dps, but rogues are like that. his gear is already quite nice for his level. once he has better trinkets his dps will go up more. mib can do more dps cos mib is LW. so he has good gear, trinkets plus LW buffs.

hmmm, maybe i can spend some WG shards on BoA gear for him? let me think about this, since i have a lot of L80s on that a/c and tons of shards. BoA gear will never be a waste as long as u have an alt not at L80 yet.

the other neglected toon is cavelion@L75. i guess if i have time, i should take him out to run LFG even if he never quests anymore.

still, my current focus is, in order of priority:

  1. JC daily on both disowned and gorlog, so that they can make the epic gems for their realm toons.
  2. daily transmutes for alchemists timeforfun, opheilia and cavelion, so that i can get more eternals for smelting titansteel or making epic gems
  3. levelling pickwick@L77, moodykat@L78, dethnyte@L78, darksunder@L75,
  4. levelling timeforfun@L79, gorlog@L79 (slowly, no gear now if hit L80 now)
  5. farming on pickwick, muzzleshot, xense, xbowstrike and missmisty

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