watching kdrama severely impacts my playtime

ah, the joy of opportunity costs. since i paid for both the kdrama and gametime on wow, if i watch the drama, i lose playtime on wow. as both are such fun things to do, i dont regret one for the other. but ultimately, it does mean i spend less time on wow. and ignoring the levelling of some alts.

but i guess if we play less, we enjoy what we play more too. so when i took dethnyte tanking in VH, and had a great group, it was fun.

playing cavelion was even more fun. the OK LFG group had a L80 5k GS DK tanking in dps gear. he said the prev heals left. couldnt hack it.  and was a resto druid too. lol. i told him, no problem with disc priest. sure enough. it was a breeze of a run. popping shield and renew and once in a while a penance was enough. had to work a bit harder when he chose to pull 2 large mobs as we headed for the end boss. 2 greater heals in addition to the usual stuff i throw out.

finally, a tough ICC H run thru PoS for missmisty. we wiped twice cos the healer was a bit slow to the heal on the tank. once tank down, the group will wipe in most cases, and this was not an exception. but other than those 2 wipe situations, the rest was biz as usual. the 2nd wipe probably caused a bug leading to the end boss fight, so we wiped again. cos the adds kept on respawning and we couldnt fight both boss and the tunnel adds.

once we wiped, the end boss fight was properly reset and we downed the boss easily. no thanks to me, i was 3rd on damage meters but close enough to 2nd dps.

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