another day another penny

slowly progressing my alts to level cap is fun.

on firetree, dethnyte is now L79, and should be my first DK to L80. moodykat isnt far behind. i intend for both to hit L80 about the same time. probably in a couple of weeks. cos i only run like 1 LFG per day to max out the EoTs. since they both tank, it’s a fast queue. and if tanks have to queue, i switch over to healer alts. so either way, it’s fast faster fastest! yup, also putting in time for fruit (resto druid), cavelion (disc priest), darksunder (resto shammy).

on blackwater raiders, things are a bit different. im more into farming mats for making tanking gear for gorlog, my new tankadin/retadin. so i prefer using dps alts that have a long LFG queue time, so that they can fly around SB and mine tons of ore and elements. i dont run LFG for gorlog, cos his dps as retadin is really really low. no gear. so he can’t really tank either. well, he tanked 1 H run before, but that’s about it. i wait for weekends when i can run gorlog (dps) together with timeforfun (heals). then he will be able to get a LFG group fast and chance for gear drops. anyway, i prefer to run time or xbow in H so that they can get frozen orbs, which are required mats in almost all starter epic crafted stuff.

lastly, just got 2 BoA items for blacksteath – the shoulders and chest xp gear. missmisty had accumulated enough shards and EoTs to exchange for the items. then i took him to complete his trinket run in howling fjord (kaluak quests) and with an instance run, he finally got to L74. oh, and something funny happened in the instance, DTK. he got the blue 1h mace drop, and then equipped it as main wpn. then he started missing all his shots. LOL. he hasnt trained in mace since donkey years! none of his sinister strikes hit the tgt. after awhile, i realised something was wrong, and i took it off. have to go train his mace skills b4 i can use the wpn! after the run, i respecced him so that he could use the glyph of vigor (i was such a noob! i glyped him but didnt spec him for vigor, so the glyph was basically USELESS!) now he has 120 energy and gives much better performance in his key skills like SND and eviscerate. i have to get him to L80 sooner or later, as he is the scribe on firetree. i will probably retire assasinatorx (L80), since both rogues have the same spec and assainatorx is just a farming toon. haha. i guess i have to go level his lockpicking skills. i forgot to do it for some levels.

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