running ahune as an under 80

its tough but stick it out. the rewards are worth the insults from the pros and noobs alike.


if you are dps you will most likely be carried unless there are a few new L80s (GS around 3.5k or lower). as pyroblast, a L78 frost mage. i do 10% of the dmg of the top dpser. and if u need on the cloak which u cant use yet, you get ppl really pissed off. in which case, if i win i usually trade it with the L80 who can use it. the 2 EoFs are more than enuf reward. or in the case of pyro, he found the pet in his satchel last night!

Tanking, not!

if you are tank spec, you can probably tank the adds and since there is no boss. however, you wont be able to hold aggro since the L80 ICC geared dps will grab it off you in a sec. so queue as dps but help the tank to grab aggro as u stay in tank spec and gear. unless you got dual spec as dps or have good dps gear. tanking gear just makes u survive longer and now tanking spec hits as hard if not harder than if you were dps.

Heals, OK… but….

if you are a healer, and if you had to choose tank or dps to heal, and the dps dies, you will get heaps of blame. but you dont have to take crap from dps. cos this fight is easy, and dps should not get much dmg unless they grab aggro off the tank (that is why under 80 tanks should not queue as tank for Ahune). last night i levelled Darksunder to L78, geared him up in the Stormhide set and took him to Ahune. the 1st time we wiped. cos the dps died right off the bat (stupid guy took aggro off tank and since a whole bunch of them were up front and took aoe dmg, i couldnt heal them all) even so, i kept the tank up until the 4th cycle (dps died by 3rd cycle). no mana and nothing left to kill off Ahune, cos the tank wasnt even hitting Ahune during core phase at times, he was too busy tanking mobs. they blame the L78 healer (Darksunder) cos he couldnt keep them up. but i gave it right back to them! i told them this is easy fight, ive done it b4 and if they get the strat right its a piece of cake. 2nd time, no one died. i had tons of mana at the end of the fight, and the tank grabbed all the mobs and held aggro. didnt win anything though, but its a start. there are still a few days left to grab the gear off Ahune. and probably tons of insults still to come my way… XD

mad about ahune

over the years, after having gone thru quite a few festivals in the wow calendar, i realise there are some i like and some i ignore.

my fave is the harvest festival. practically free cooking levelling up from zero to 350 easily.

i oso like ahune (cloak, staff, but pet takes too much effort), halloween/hallow’s end (sword, plate helm, rings, mounts, pet, fun wands) and brewfest (trinkets) cos they drop epic stuff u can use to gear your relatively new L80 toons.

in this year’s ahune, the cloak drop is even more useful since it is L232. if you have been using your EoTs for the 4-piece set gear, you may not have upgraded your cloak yet. and if u can use the L232 staff that drops, even better.

so i basically run ahune on all my toons for the cloak once a day. that way they get 2 EoFs too. but if towards mid week and still no cloak, i may run them non-stop until they get it. the staff is nice but not so impt. for toons that cant use the staff, its a vendor sale for 29 gold!

i have also been trying to level my under 78s to L78 so that they can run ahune too. otherwise, once they miss it, they wont get a cloak for a long time.

Ahune with under L80s

its possible, its been done, but its not very nice.

if you are a healer, that is fine. if you are a tank, please go as dps and let the others carry you thru. even going in as dps, you will lose to the L80s, usually.

i healed with fruit (L79) and cavelion (L78) . fruit’s team was a breeze so he never ran out of mana.

cavelion’s team sucked bad although their GS were all pretty high and tank was a prot pally. i had to teach how how to play cos they just expected the healer to heal them thru the massive damage they took from the start of the fight. they all stood in the ice and when the boss aoe, their health went from 100 to 30% in a sec. and expect a L78 priest to heal them up to full health??? we wiped when the dps kept tanking adds and i ran out of mana to heal all of them. and some of the dps had the cheek to say i was a crap healer. but the tank put in a good word for me. i fucked the dps back and told them to let the tank do his job and for them to stay out of the fire. 2nd time round, it was a breeze. no dps took major dmg, the tank hardly took any dmg. i healed everyone thru the once in a while bits of dmg. ended the fight with plenty of mana in my bank. but for a while, i was really pissed off with the quality of dps u get in randoms.

as a under L80 dps in Ahune, you are the lowest geared of the party, so you can only hope you are doing some useful damage while the rest of the team practically 1-hit kills off the adds. but Davina (ret pally L78) managed to top the tank (DK, haha) since she has lots of aoe options and oso helps mitigate damage with frost resistance aura.

midsummer madness

ok that was not me. but my buddy.

so after the usual LFG queue for Ahune, and a short stint to do the weekly raid (razorscale@ulduar) with the guild + pug tanks, Zappel and Naturespower went on a midsummer fire run thru both alliance and horde points.

zappel was basically the portal mage, but u still gotta run to some places that are pretty far off, esp if you didnt have the FP from long ago. we had to run from timbermaw to get to winterspring cos nature didnt have the FP. but once there, it was easy to get to both fires, since they are outside Everlook, near the FPs. luckily, both nature and zappel got enuf rep with timbermaw so its just a short run thru their tunnel.

we still got a lot of ground to cover. but its early days into the festival. and most ppl are so busy getting the fires, they dont even bother each other. so horde and ally and just running from point to point and dont even care about each other’s presence. or maybe that is just my realm, idk.

midsummer – time to get a nice cloak!

free cloaks! (but only for L80s – ok that has been fixed. under 80 can run it too. further confirmation. only L78 and higher can use LFG for Ahune)

since i levelled many L80s, a lot of them are not wearing great cloaks. some are even blues that are not L200 gear. so this festival (which started yesterday or today depending on where u live) is just in time for me to get gear upgrades!

the reason is simple, EoTs cannot buy cloaks at L232. they are for rings or trinkets but first priority is set gear. which means head, shoulders, chest, hands and legs. to get a set of 4 will require a lot of EoTs, which means i would never get a chance on a cloak except via a instance drop or, in this case, a festival’s easy loot!

since the boss will drop 1 cloak and he has 4 options (tanking, melee dps, castor dps, healing), the chances are pretty good. of course, he drops a nice staff too, but that’s pretty rare. i havent seen it drop yet.

even if the healing cloak drops, a castor dps can still roll for it and use it.

Slave Pens – getting there

now, it isnt a form a group and run to SP in Zangarmarsh. instead, u need to be 70+ (not sure what is the admission level but i have seen L78. confirmed only L78 and above. i logged in with a L77 and couldnt use LFG for Ahune.)  and use the LFG tool. Select the Ahune option and wait in queue. it will port u right where u need to fight.

The fight mechanics

start the fight by killing the add defending the summoning stone. click stone to summon boss.

once boss appears, kill his adds. you can target boss too but his defenses make your efforts practically useless. once enough of his adds are down, he changes into a frozen core, and that’s when everyone (tank, heals too) will focus on it and burn it ASAP. if you didnt manage to kill core in 1 try, the boss reappears and the cycle starts all over again. if the boss is just a few % from death, and you got good dps, then you can try and dps down the boss (even if his dmg taken is a major drop off your usual dmg) in a minute or two.

if you got good group, 1 core is all it takes to finish the fight. some groups u gotta do the core 3 times. more than that, i think your group will wipe anyway. and now with the under 80s getting into the game, things get tricky. they are usually the first to die and if they are your heals, they run out of mana real quick. so if you dont manage to burn boss in 1 turn, it can get really messy.

frost immunity

this fight is hard on frost DK tanks and frost mages, since the boss and adds are frost immune.

loot loot and more loot

loot chest for your cloak and shard of ahune (quest item). sometimes, other stuff drop. there was an enchant i looted before for Spiritcat. havent seen the staff yet. latest update: spiritcat got the staff in her bag (that usually contains 2 EoFs and nothing else)! but to bad, she already got a L232 staff of approx the same stats from long ago.

dont forget to check your inventory for the bag containing your 2 EoFs, which they give for your 1st Ahune run of the day.

updated to include info about under 80s doing the quest (L80-only bug has been fixed)

further updated to confirm that only L78 and above can use LFG for Ahune.

a week compressed in a day’s post

ive been lazy to update blog last week. however, i was pretty active on wow. although i still only have 15 L80s, i have levelled the following toons to close on 80:


  • Fruit L79 resto druid
  • Opheilia L79 prot warrior
  • Davina L78 ret pally
  • Cavelion L78 disc priest

Blackwater Raiders:

  • Kiseki L78 demon lock
  • Muzzleshot L78 surv hunter

in addition, i re-joined guild raids for 25-man ICC and had fun downing the first 6 bosses with the gang. will probably resume raiding until cat or guild raids stop.

SPAM that looks like the real deal – NOT!

in the meanwhile, please take care with spam mails that look like they come from Blizzard but aren’t. stuff like beta testing, or account verification, are too good to be true. dont fall for it!

Gearing 2 new L80 DKs at the same time

good thing is, they are for diff spec – Moody’s tank and Deth’s dps. but they still cost a lot of titansteel to make the L80 epic helm and boots. then the rest of the gear, they have to get via H dungeon drops and emblems.

since Moody had a head start in tanking, she’s got a bit more gear since the last time. so she can tank ok as long as i dont forget frost presence XD. i have also macro in rune strike to increase dmg, since her parry and dodge ratings are pretty high (plus talents).

Deth was respecced to be a better dps. and with gear, he is generating 2k dps in H runs now.

here we go. another 2 L80s

ran an instance each for pickwick and dethnyte and they dinged.

easier for pickwick to gear up, since he already got chest and hands made by tailor. plus pants from EoTs. already past 3k GS from the start. i oso respec him back to demonlogy so that he will have easier time farming since he is my farming too.

running H dungeons yielded a lot more loot. now have 45 EoTs. one more run and can buy another L232 set piece.


dethnyte is just L80 but gear to be made still. havent decided if he is tanking or dps.


lost count

doing another L80 census:

US firetree – alliance: 8

  • spiritcat – priest
  • disowned – pally
  • xense – hunter
  • assasinatorx – rogue
  • moodykat – DK
  • magel – mage
  • everstone – warrior
  • missmisty – lock

pickwick (L79 lock) and dethnyte (L79 DK) will ding real soon.

US blackwater raiders – alliance: 3

  • timeforfun – priest
  • gorlog – pally
  • xbowstrike – hunter

other toons in the L77 range, still some distance to level cap

Oceanic jubei’thos – alliance: 2

  • zappel – mage
  • naturespower – druid

total count: haha 13 and soon to be 15.

moodykat – 1 day later


got the belt, but different one. turns out Everstone can make epic tanking belt! so i got the Indestructible Plate Girdle for the same set of mats. he can make the belt of the titans for Dethnyte, who is gonna be blood dps specced. which i guess we will reverse come cat. or maybe another respec. haha.

Disowned oso made the epic tanking ring, Titanium Earthguard Ring. so juggling a bit of gemming here and there, i got the def to 535 and put the rest in stam and parry. dodge i seem to have a lot. i guess it comes from strength stat.

this time, i ran H again, but with more confidence. since after self buffs i am already 25k. with party buffs, it can go up to about 28k. it was UK, and i told the group i was new. however, someone pulled another mob to me at the start, and we wiped. as a result, the healer left and we had to queue for another. this time round, the healer was pro and we made it thru to the end very quickly. in fact, i didnt even get 1 dark smash at the end boss. er, it helped that i had a GS 5k dps warrior who basically WW mobs to death in 1 sec. as a result, i had to wait for my DND CDs. otherwise i would loose aggro almost immediately.

my next H was GD. and that was with a pro heals too. so we did that nice and fast too.

i picked up a lot of gear upgrades. so after today’s 24hr maintenance, i should be able to see what else i can switch around in terms of gear. and with a couple more runs, i might be able to get another L232 tier tanking gear.

but i couldnt have made it so quickly without the help of all my alts (from gathering mats to making the gear, gems, enchants and glyphs)