a week compressed in a day’s post

ive been lazy to update blog last week. however, i was pretty active on wow. although i still only have 15 L80s, i have levelled the following toons to close on 80:


  • Fruit L79 resto druid
  • Opheilia L79 prot warrior
  • Davina L78 ret pally
  • Cavelion L78 disc priest

Blackwater Raiders:

  • Kiseki L78 demon lock
  • Muzzleshot L78 surv hunter

in addition, i re-joined guild raids for 25-man ICC and had fun downing the first 6 bosses with the gang. will probably resume raiding until cat or guild raids stop.

SPAM that looks like the real deal – NOT!

in the meanwhile, please take care with spam mails that look like they come from Blizzard but aren’t. stuff like beta testing, or account verification, are too good to be true. dont fall for it!

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