midsummer madness

ok that was not me. but my buddy.

so after the usual LFG queue for Ahune, and a short stint to do the weekly raid (razorscale@ulduar) with the guild + pug tanks, Zappel and Naturespower went on a midsummer fire run thru both alliance and horde points.

zappel was basically the portal mage, but u still gotta run to some places that are pretty far off, esp if you didnt have the FP from long ago. we had to run from timbermaw to get to winterspring cos nature didnt have the FP. but once there, it was easy to get to both fires, since they are outside Everlook, near the FPs. luckily, both nature and zappel got enuf rep with timbermaw so its just a short run thru their tunnel.

we still got a lot of ground to cover. but its early days into the festival. and most ppl are so busy getting the fires, they dont even bother each other. so horde and ally and just running from point to point and dont even care about each other’s presence. or maybe that is just my realm, idk.

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