Ahune with under L80s

its possible, its been done, but its not very nice.

if you are a healer, that is fine. if you are a tank, please go as dps and let the others carry you thru. even going in as dps, you will lose to the L80s, usually.

i healed with fruit (L79) and cavelion (L78) . fruit’s team was a breeze so he never ran out of mana.

cavelion’s team sucked bad although their GS were all pretty high and tank was a prot pally. i had to teach how how to play cos they just expected the healer to heal them thru the massive damage they took from the start of the fight. they all stood in the ice and when the boss aoe, their health went from 100 to 30% in a sec. and expect a L78 priest to heal them up to full health??? we wiped when the dps kept tanking adds and i ran out of mana to heal all of them. and some of the dps had the cheek to say i was a crap healer. but the tank put in a good word for me. i fucked the dps back and told them to let the tank do his job and for them to stay out of the fire. 2nd time round, it was a breeze. no dps took major dmg, the tank hardly took any dmg. i healed everyone thru the once in a while bits of dmg. ended the fight with plenty of mana in my bank. but for a while, i was really pissed off with the quality of dps u get in randoms.

as a under L80 dps in Ahune, you are the lowest geared of the party, so you can only hope you are doing some useful damage while the rest of the team practically 1-hit kills off the adds. but Davina (ret pally L78) managed to top the tank (DK, haha) since she has lots of aoe options and oso helps mitigate damage with frost resistance aura.

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