mad about ahune

over the years, after having gone thru quite a few festivals in the wow calendar, i realise there are some i like and some i ignore.

my fave is the harvest festival. practically free cooking levelling up from zero to 350 easily.

i oso like ahune (cloak, staff, but pet takes too much effort), halloween/hallow’s end (sword, plate helm, rings, mounts, pet, fun wands) and brewfest (trinkets) cos they drop epic stuff u can use to gear your relatively new L80 toons.

in this year’s ahune, the cloak drop is even more useful since it is L232. if you have been using your EoTs for the 4-piece set gear, you may not have upgraded your cloak yet. and if u can use the L232 staff that drops, even better.

so i basically run ahune on all my toons for the cloak once a day. that way they get 2 EoFs too. but if towards mid week and still no cloak, i may run them non-stop until they get it. the staff is nice but not so impt. for toons that cant use the staff, its a vendor sale for 29 gold!

i have also been trying to level my under 78s to L78 so that they can run ahune too. otherwise, once they miss it, they wont get a cloak for a long time.

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