running ahune as an under 80

its tough but stick it out. the rewards are worth the insults from the pros and noobs alike.


if you are dps you will most likely be carried unless there are a few new L80s (GS around 3.5k or lower). as pyroblast, a L78 frost mage. i do 10% of the dmg of the top dpser. and if u need on the cloak which u cant use yet, you get ppl really pissed off. in which case, if i win i usually trade it with the L80 who can use it. the 2 EoFs are more than enuf reward. or in the case of pyro, he found the pet in his satchel last night!

Tanking, not!

if you are tank spec, you can probably tank the adds and since there is no boss. however, you wont be able to hold aggro since the L80 ICC geared dps will grab it off you in a sec. so queue as dps but help the tank to grab aggro as u stay in tank spec and gear. unless you got dual spec as dps or have good dps gear. tanking gear just makes u survive longer and now tanking spec hits as hard if not harder than if you were dps.

Heals, OK… but….

if you are a healer, and if you had to choose tank or dps to heal, and the dps dies, you will get heaps of blame. but you dont have to take crap from dps. cos this fight is easy, and dps should not get much dmg unless they grab aggro off the tank (that is why under 80 tanks should not queue as tank for Ahune). last night i levelled Darksunder to L78, geared him up in the Stormhide set and took him to Ahune. the 1st time we wiped. cos the dps died right off the bat (stupid guy took aggro off tank and since a whole bunch of them were up front and took aoe dmg, i couldnt heal them all) even so, i kept the tank up until the 4th cycle (dps died by 3rd cycle). no mana and nothing left to kill off Ahune, cos the tank wasnt even hitting Ahune during core phase at times, he was too busy tanking mobs. they blame the L78 healer (Darksunder) cos he couldnt keep them up. but i gave it right back to them! i told them this is easy fight, ive done it b4 and if they get the strat right its a piece of cake. 2nd time, no one died. i had tons of mana at the end of the fight, and the tank grabbed all the mobs and held aggro. didnt win anything though, but its a start. there are still a few days left to grab the gear off Ahune. and probably tons of insults still to come my way… XD

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