thanks for the breaks, blizzard maintenance

i look forward to idle tuesday nights. when i can fully indulge in my other fave hobby – watch dvds. could be old audrey hepburn b/w movies like Love in the Afternoon, new movies like Transformers 2, war movies like The Hurt Locker, old tv serials like M.A.S.H., dorama like Jin.

But mostly, its korean dramas of late. i had finished Terroir, a modern drama about wine and Jumong, an 80+ episode historical drama of an ancient king of korea. and i loved the storyline in Terroir so much, i started to watch it a 2nd time round.

actually, i usually watch dvd after playing wow, and then i sleep. if i dont get caught up in the serials, i can sleep pretty early. but any late nights is usually due to the powerful korean dramas, since i dont raid anymore (again).

i dont raid cos my guild dont follow good time management. if the ppl commit and then dont turn up on time, and the raid gets called off much later, or else it starts 1+ hours later, i lose interest. if ppl did this at work they wont have a job the next day. but a game is just a game, and i dont want to get stressed out over a game. its not worth it.

i wont bother to look for another guild, cos the end of this xpac is approaching, and i am just looking forward to the new one. so im busy as it is with gearing my new L80s (thru LFG, as well as Ahune runs for now) and levelling the rest of my alts to hit 80 b4 cat.

and watching tons of korean drama! i already got the next one lined up. starring my 1st fave korean artiste (Her House lead actress)…

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