to queue or not to queue more?

ahune is ending soon, but quite¬† a few of my alts havent got what they need out of the season yet. so i may have to start some serious chain runs this weekend… zzz.

i oso may have to give up trying to get some L77s to L78 in order to make the ahune run. have to check the xp bar and see how far along they are to crossing the bar. if it is 1 or 2 more LFGs, then i can push them over in a day or two.

i think there is a side effect to running too many ahunes. the insults that ppl trade are showing that they are now starting to feel the stress of the season ending without them achieving what they set out to do a week ago. a lot of ppl want the satchel pet drop (frost something) that is pretty rare. otherwise i think ICC geared ppl wont even bother with ahune, except perhaps a daily run for the quick 2 EoFs.

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