end of the festival, back to the grind

bye ahune, will miss u. partly cos some of my toons HAVENT GOT WHAT THEY WERE LOOKING FOR YET! mostly cos ur so easy to kill for a nice cloak or staff and EoFs.

it was a fruitful festival – 2 weeks of simple LFG queuing, loads of loot. and with the LFG system, save a lot of time either running to SP or else u have to leave your toon there. oso, byebye to being camped by horde at the summoning stone.

so, back to the LFG grind, the first thing i did was take pickwick out to farm ore. cos with a new L80 warrior, need to make tanking plate gear and that means eternals and titansteel… zzz….

as usual, i’d queue for LFG as dps and go farming, to kill time. most runs were a piece of cake, until a H UK run with a laggy tank. he finally lagged out, and though we queued no more tanks appeared. so i left too and relogged Moodykat, since i saw there was business for tanks.

ran a few instances for Kat, then called it a night.

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