17th – davina (retadin)

davina is now L80, the best part of it is, i can solo ZF! (Earned the achievement Zul’Farrak for 10 points.) of course, i could have done ZF even earlier but there was no request (i did ZF on davina long before achievements came on, getting the stupid mallet from hinterlands when it was a tough run thru the troll temple). i took 2 guildies with me since they had quests there and it was fun to see the sgt bly fight turn into an aoe orgy. guildie thought there was a bug cos after the 1st aoe, nothing happened for a long time. i told them it was working as intended (ie. scripted fight sequence) and cos we killed the mob by aoe below instead of waiting for them to run up the steps, we have to wait a long time before the next mob forms. so 3 aoes later, with much waiting in between, sgt bly is dead.

yeah, crappy stats right? she ran a H run and only came up with 1.3k dps. and her GS is under 3k so i wont say how much, haha.

i think i have just a couple of L78s left. 2 DKs on blackwater raiders and 1 shammy on firetree. the rest are 79. excluding my 80s.

once i get everyone to L80 (in a week or two at most), i think i will stop and concentrate on a few i wanna gear up properly. i cannot gear all of these last few 80s properly, but i should get a few done up for cat.


opheilia my prot/fury warrior should get more gear both ways. she is fun to play with and will come in useful in cat. she is the alternative to everstone who is prot/arms warrior on the other account.

i oso want to get cavelion geared up cos he was my first priest toon (which i put on hold in wow classic in order to get everstone levelled up and created spiritcat on the other account as my 2nd priest and main toon for the longest time. zappel on jubei’thos only became my main cos of guild migration)

davina, i will level her Sons of Hodir rep so she can make glacial bags. (tailoring currently just nice for the recipe, at L445). the bags will come in just nice for my alts too


timeforfun (holy/shadow priest)needs to get full rep on all factions so that 80s on that account can get the Sons of Hodir shoulder enchants. muzzleshot (hunter) needs to get to L80 so that he can be the farmer (miner and engineer) for that account. will probably have to save money and get epic flying (5k gold).

pyroblast (frost mage) and kiseki (demo lock) are now L79 and most likely to be next 80s on this realm. they already got the spellfire chest and hands made by timeforfun. so they just need to get their hit rating up (probably buy a trinket with EoTs)

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