muzzleshot is L80

just dinged him last night. didnt run him thru heroics. cos i wanted to get the shoulder ench from Sons of Hodir, and i need 1 L80 on BWR on this account to be Exalted rep.

so i took Xbowstrike to finish up some SoH quests, and while he was at it, queued for LFGs. cos u can get rep via exchange of EoTs. i will probably make Xbow exalted rep with all the necessary factions so he can buy the top head or shoulder enchant as needed. they are BoA, unlike the lower level head or shoulder enchants which are BoP. by the end of the runs, Xbow is exalted, so i can throw away the rest of the SoH quests.

to help get the rest of the under 80s to cap, i have run them thru LFG once. and will continue to do so until all are capped on a daily basis.

as for professions, unless there is some key item that needs to be made, i will stop levelling prof once it reaches a respectable level, like 425 or higher. cos by the time cat comes, they should be able to learn the new stuff and level in cat rather than in wrath.

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