ellonis the lone L79

darksunder and shortnacity are at level cap.

so there are no more alts to level in firetree. that means i will probably focus on a few of them to get some rep or prof up. and if there is any i want to take to cat earlier, to get some more gear. i probably have to decide who i wanna make my main for cat on firetree and then gear that one up some more.

shortnacity is my tanking toon on one account. gorlog is on the other account, together with ellonis. so when he dinged 80, i went to get him emblem tanking gear…. damn. they give set bonus to BLOOD! so i had to respec him from frost to blood. anyway, that will come in useful in cat, cos blood is the cat spec for DK tanking.

so now its just 1 lonely L79 still having a few more dungeon runs to cross the finish line. wow. that means i’m gonna have a ball of time playing with all my L80 alts! /cheer

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