job done – all intended alts are L80

since ellonis hit 80 over the weekend, i have been focussing on getting exalted rep with northrend factions so that i can buy head and shoulder enchants for the alts on the respective realm/account. since i have 2 realms and 2 accounts – i need 4 alts to have exalted rep. i have identified them as:

firetree: xense and missmisty

BWR: timeforfun and xbowstrike

for this, the best way is to run LFG to get badges to trade for rep. however, i found out, there is one rep u cant buy – alliance vanguard. you need to run L80s instances without a faction tabard or do quests that give rep to the sub factions under the vanguard.

and if i get gear along the way, nice. i am oso doing the mining and other stuff so that i can make gear for some of the new 80s.

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