am having fun. are you?

last night was a blast! basically, i was playing missmisty again for rep, and shortnacity to level his 2h mace skill for tanking.

i oso took moodykat tanking with her new 2h mace skilled titansteel destroyer in H FoS! haha. actually, she cant tank H FoS. it’s the party that carried the tank! ROFL!!!!!! the healer asked, can the tank wear her tanking gear, and i replied, she is! lucky i got a pro shammy healer. DKs work best with earth shield. even so, the dps will take aggro and they were the best – burn down whoever they aggro and give me more time to grab the aggro of the rest of the mob. we made it to the end cos they burned down the mobs so fast i hardly took too much damage. it was my first time tanking with ANY toon in H FoS. Everstone had done that b4, but that was my buddy playing his fave tank so even though he was undergeared he knew the tricks to pull off. warrior tanks oso have more mitigation, and his toon had tons of it (from naxx and ulduar gear)

as for missmisty, i spent her triumph badges on rep. so she got exalted with wyrm. so i flew there to buy her epic boots. so now just left Ebon Hold rep (half way to exalted) – so will have to do a combo of rep quests and LFG queues to complete it.

finally, training shortnacity to use the 2h-mace. Ellonis made the titansteel destroyer, but he had to train 2h-mace. however, last night there was a shortage of dps so he was constantly popping into instances to run. but since he has no friendly rep with any of the tabard factions, he was only getting rep for vanguard, which didnt have anything useful for him rep wise. so i bought some rep tokens with his EoTs, then bought the wrym and KT tabards. he is now running instances with the wrym tabard. there is something nice for him at exalted. then i flew him over to SB and farmed sabers. or rather, they farmed him. haha. miss-dodge until he levelled the skill to 200+. left him in SB to continue his training another time.

in LFGs, there is a world of diff between the battlegroups for firetree and BWR. moodykat has better gear than shortnacity, but do less dps in LFGs. it goes to show the maturity of the group, i.e. there are more high geared toons in the firetree battlegroup. however, since both are mostly in def tier gear and blood tanking talents, they generate less dps than a blood dps DK like dethnyte, who can keep above 2k dps even with the pros.

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