2 is better than 1

playing wow over the weekend, i had some buddy time. my long lost buddy (to modern warfare 2) decided to take back his account for a couple of hours and we took a couple of our toons on BWR for H runs.

the realm LFG queue is strange. there are more tanks than healers. so i logged in timeforfun and my buddy queued as dps: xbowstrike, muzzleshot and pyroblast. his fave is xbow, since the GS is 4.7k and he hits really well in SV spec. i tried to persuade him to play xbow as BM (dual spec) but he didnt like it. however, as muzzleshot with 1k GS less, he didnt enjoy it so much, not topping dps meters. muzzle is SV only. finally, as pyro, he had fun with both specs – arcane and frost. diff spec for diff dungeon. he did something silly but works – frostbolt and cone of cold, like some melee toon cos cone has a short range. he still hit pretty hard. but nothing beats blizzarding.

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