LFG – vote kick issues

thanks to a variety of reasons, sometimes you need to vote kick someone from your party. i find that for myself, this generally happens because of:

1) dc. in the past, i used to wait like 2 min or even longer. but nowadays, ppl will kick in like a min or so. esp for dps. tanks and heals usually dc in the event of a wipe. cos it could be that due to dc, we wipe, or that because we wipe, the tank/heals give up and log out.

2) not geared for instance. this applies to ICC dungeons usually, esp H HoR. last night, i had a tank, only about 30k health. so he asked to be vote kicked so that he wont need to waste time queuing again. however, a dps refuse to kick him, saying he should leave on his own. but he refused to leave and became a squatter. since i was playing dps, i left group. that was a no-win situation.

3) rude ppl. some ppl are just plain rude and deserve to be kicked. however, if they are in a group, then u will end up being vote-kicked out. happened to me before. had to put the whole group on /ignore after that. it would not be useful to run with them in the future. in some other cases, like a duo, if u vote kicked the rude dps, then the heals will just pop off saying since his friend left, he had to go too. i oso put these ppl on /ignore.

4) underperfoming ppl. some dps are just so bad, they get vote kicked. that would be huntards and others who pull mobs but cant tank them. but that is pretty rare nowadays. more often, it is the tank or heals that get kicked cos they didnt do their job. esp for demanding instances like H HoR. once we changed 2 healers before we found one that could and did the job. we kicked a pally heals whose beacon of light heals total were half his flash heals, meaning he didnt know how to use it.

5) afk ppl. ppl who say brb 2 min and 5 min on they are still not back. nowadays, ppl wont wait even 2 min so this sort of situation is becoming rare.

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