kalimdor left to explore

completed felwood and ashenvale last night.

still left with huge chunks of territory to cover. i think i better step up the efforts, as cat is looming in nov/dec

i oso got another 50 quests to find and complete in eastern kingdoms for my partial loremaster. i just wanna complete eastern kingdoms cos i started on it a long time back. then i gotta go back and finish my partial loremaster on zappel for northrend. i guess i wont have time for kalimdor and outlands. it would have been fun to just do the quests cos there are a lot i skipped in those 2 worlds.

firetree not on maintenance

so its back to spiritcat emblem farming and loremaster questing and world exploring and LFGing.

started off with coren, since its a fast 2 EoF thingy. then queued in LFG for the next 2 frosties. then its off to eastern kingdoms to finish up some loremaster quests around the blackrock mountains. picked up the BRD and LBRS quests. which i will get everstone to tank for me while i run in and complete the quests this weekend. then i popped off to explore the draenei starter zones. and got a invite to the weekly raid – razorscale@ulduar. as usual, i wasnt anywhere near top dps but i did a good amount and never die. of course, to get to razor, you need to clear the vehicle boss first. i did my gunner job properly this time, picking up the refills. completed exploration of draenei islands, and then logged out for the night.

i haz spiritcat time

got bored doing 24 x L80 LFG coren, so i spent some quality and quantity time with spiritcat (shadow spec, not her holy spec).

as u know from my prev post, i suffered a lot from the phase out and i gave up doing stuff on her for a while, but now i am back at it.

took her:

  • raiding (weekly raid on patchwerk)
  • a bit of fishing
  • picked up a new mount from coren (the kodo) and got the stable keeper (10  mounts) achievement
  • did a fair bit of LFG, which meant that i now have 2 x L232 set for shadow spec
  • picked up a nice L219 boots in a dungeon and got the epic (min L213)  achievement
  • finished exploring northrend and got the tabard of the explorer.

i still got a bit more to go to get the eastern kingdom loremaster. so i will probably focus on that for the rest of this week. once i get it, i will probably rest her and play some other toon.

her GS has risen to almost 5k now. but her dps still sucks cos her gear is patchy. u need minimum L245 set gear to do well. but she is useful (heal and dps) and is a good party member even if bottom dpser :)

The Battle for the Undercity

i was doing the series of quests leading up to “the battle for the undercity” but i kinda stopped just when i got the quest, deleted it from the quest log. and thought that’s it.

WRONG! the game does not let you give up on this quest chain HALF-WAY!

when i tried to do a low level quest “the last barov”, which is in the same zone as the quest for undercity, i cant. i was still zoned out due to the quest chain for undercity, so i could never see the barov guy in the bulwarks. after i completed the undercity quest, i went back, saw him, killed him. looted his head. quest completed. WTF!

and the funny thing is, it has other strange side effects. i tried to do another quest, “the star, the hand and the heart”, for which i already have 2 items out of the 3 required. now i just need the hand of dugan, who has to be summoned at the altar in dustwallow marsh with an enchanted kelp which randomly drops from the murlocs. i killed the murloc population on those islands several times round, not a piece of seaweed (kelp). after i completed the undercity quest, i went back to the island, killed a few murlocs around the altar and the kelp just dropped. WTF!

best of all, i would never have realised that i was zoned out all this time, if i wasnt for my good gamer pal who had done undercity before and saw the signs when he saw my toon in the bulwarks (trying to kill barov which he can see with his toon but which is invisible on my toon). he saw a status message on the top centre of my screen. something about undercity. so he asked if i had completed it. when i said no, he told me i had to go finish it or else i am forever phased out of the real zones!

brewfest – free trinkets time!

time for more LFG running for my L80s alts – esp those who need to exchange their less than epic trinkets for brewfest ones!

and it all starts tonight! wish me luck!

a glitch only a mage could do

went exploring barrens with my mage. at northwatch hold, i mounted up and ran outside the castle walls, but finally hit a wall (figuratively, i couldnt move beyond the castle tower and mountain side). but i thought i could blink my way out of it.

i sure did. i blinked into outer space and started falling into dustwallow marsh. and died in the middle of nowhere and still my body is falling in space.

after a few minutes, i finally came to stop in the graveyard in the quagmire. at least they fixed the death infinity drop.

someone wanted pics of the glitch. so i did it again (if u dont see the full screen pic, pls click on pic. cos i uploaded full screencaps so u can see the minimap clearly):

1) looking at the point of no return. the thought of dying again didnt appeal to me. but i had to do it for science.

2) blinked into glitch. this time i didnt start falling cos i landed on the tower itself. haha. but i am just postponing the inevitable. i have to drop into the glitch to prove it exists.

3) ok here goes. geronimo!

4) after falling awhile, im dead. if i just continue dropping, after a few minutes, i will stop at a graveyard instead of infinitely dropping in the past.

lol. just in time to rez and run dungeon!

well, that’s all folks!

fishing for pain

never learn my lesson when it comes to fishing. just cos i got the pro fishing pole for xbowstrike, now i gotta level his fishing. and boy, its a major pain!

xbow was basically a non-fishing prof toon like the  majority of my alts. so i had to go from zero to 300+. right now, he is in the barrens, fishing for deviate fish, level 150+.

that is not even 1/3 of the way to prof cap (450). cos to level, you need to catch more and more fish.

of course, to catch fish that have high fishing level requirements, you will need to level up. otherwise, you keep getting crap stuff. and you wont be able to do the fishing dailies.

off-topic, slightly

do you know? armory does not list your secondary professions, so i cannot check the prof info of my toons. i have to login to the game and use altoholic mod, or check each toon individually.

another off-topic, slightly

tried to kill barrens stuff for the deviate fish recipe. failed. so now trying with pyroblast, cos mage kills mobs faster.

cleaning up b4 cat

lately, been doing H runs with a good pal. he logs in with a dps alt and joins one of my tank (2) or healer (3) alts and we queue LFG. we do that for about 2 hrs per night, swapping alts. good for me, good for him. he skips the long dps queue time, and i get badges for my tanks and healers which otherwise i wouldnt (i prefer to play my dps and take the long queue time to do other stuff). then we go off and do our own stuff again. we include other pals if they are online at the same time.

so what do i mean by cleaning up b4 cat?

it’s for prepping my L80s for cat, and it means:

  1. getting the cooking and FA skills up to par. (425). this is completed for toons on BWR. on firetree, magel is now doing the farming of food mats (that is why i dualspec her to be deep frost the week before)
  2. getting everstone exalted with kaluak for the fab fishing pole by doing the 3 dailies for 14 days.
  3. levelling xbowstrike fishing skill to max (he’s already got the fab fish pole – and penguin pet to boot)
  4. using everstone to hatch an oracle egg every 7 days. if its a pet it goes to one of the many alts
  5. level davina tailoring to max by making glacial bags. however, i need to get her exalted with faction to get the pattern first! i think i better get started on it this week. time is running out!
  6. farming ores with pickwick and muzzleshot to make titansteel bars
  7. completing JC dailies and doing transmuting on daily basis to get as many recipes and mats as possible. as they are being used up by the alts that get emblem gear and need epic gems
  8. accumulating as much gold as possible but not doing it specifically.

but what happens when cat arrives?

then i put the majority of my alts in cold storage while i race to the new level cap on (in the order of importance):

  1. zappel and naturespower on jubei’thos for raiding purpose
  2. spiricat and everstone on firetree
  3. timeforfun and xbowstrike on BWR

op gnomer

busy with op gnomer recently. i started on it 1 day after it was officially opened, cos i was too tired that night. so by the time i went into it, most of the bugs had been ironed out. 1st day is always bug reporting time. ROFL.

bug – working as intended (to frustrate players)

the 1 glitch was that if u moved ahead of the timed event, instead of having the boss initiate the fights, it will hang during the tunnel phase. the giant troll will not appear, which means you will have to redo the event.

to be able to get to the event, you need to do a series of quests around steelgril depot. any level toon can. but for the final event, you need to be L75 onwards. otherwise 1 hit from the random blasts from the enemies will finish u off, even though you are getting heals all the time.

dmg > health b4 heal reaches u = dead.


completion of quests up to b4 event – an item to turn u into a blue gnome for 30 min (4 hr CD)

completion of event – a cool purple cloak (not epic, just town gear. no stats)

what i did

ran it for all 23 L80s, as well as the 2 BoA alts Stormfrost and Incorrigible. however, no cloak for the lowbies.

ran the horde version, Echo Isles: Zalazane’s Fall, on my 2 BoA alts Zealadin and Swiftmender. up to the trinket to turn troll, but no event for my horde alts. too low!

oh. great. now i have 2 BoA horde alts

i guess once i started with one, i’d follow up with another. since i had a lot of stuff to run timeforfun for, i ended up with a lot of EoTs. so i bought BoA gear and passed it to Zealadin, my L32 belf pally. so now both accounts have a horde alt with BoA gear on BWR.

but i didnt run with her much. cos i just got the gear, and then ran 1 dungeon, then stopped. i guess im still not much of a hordie at heart, so it’s tough to get going. i havent touched my L30 hunter either.

so back to alliance, my weekend was basically adding everstone to the ka’luak exalted rep chase, and doing some gear upgrades and enchants and gemming.

i think i need to get back to completing the secondary profs completed for all my L80 toons. some ppl still fail their cooking. FA is easier. i have a lot of cloth.