oh. great. now i have 2 BoA horde alts

i guess once i started with one, i’d follow up with another. since i had a lot of stuff to run timeforfun for, i ended up with a lot of EoTs. so i bought BoA gear and passed it to Zealadin, my L32 belf pally. so now both accounts have a horde alt with BoA gear on BWR.

but i didnt run with her much. cos i just got the gear, and then ran 1 dungeon, then stopped. i guess im still not much of a hordie at heart, so it’s tough to get going. i havent touched my L30 hunter either.

so back to alliance, my weekend was basically adding everstone to the ka’luak exalted rep chase, and doing some gear upgrades and enchants and gemming.

i think i need to get back to completing the secondary profs completed for all my L80 toons. some ppl still fail their cooking. FA is easier. i have a lot of cloth.

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