op gnomer

busy with op gnomer recently. i started on it 1 day after it was officially opened, cos i was too tired that night. so by the time i went into it, most of the bugs had been ironed out. 1st day is always bug reporting time. ROFL.

bug – working as intended (to frustrate players)

the 1 glitch was that if u moved ahead of the timed event, instead of having the boss initiate the fights, it will hang during the tunnel phase. the giant troll will not appear, which means you will have to redo the event.

to be able to get to the event, you need to do a series of quests around steelgril depot. any level toon can. but for the final event, you need to be L75 onwards. otherwise 1 hit from the random blasts from the enemies will finish u off, even though you are getting heals all the time.

dmg > health b4 heal reaches u = dead.


completion of quests up to b4 event – an item to turn u into a blue gnome for 30 min (4 hr CD)

completion of event – a cool purple cloak (not epic, just town gear. no stats)

what i did

ran it for all 23 L80s, as well as the 2 BoA alts Stormfrost and Incorrigible. however, no cloak for the lowbies.

ran the horde version, Echo Isles: Zalazane’s Fall, on my 2 BoA alts Zealadin and Swiftmender. up to the trinket to turn troll, but no event for my horde alts. too low!

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