patch 4.0.1 and hallow’s end

PATCH 4.0.1

after nights of downloading the humongous almost 5GB patch, i finally patched it on friday night. and then did the usual – update mods. even so, some mods are dead in the water (auctioneer, questhelper, ratingsbuster), and those that were patched were pretty patchy themselves. i had to download new versions every day or so.

next task. 24 x L80s to respec talent and glyphs, and then gem if needed and oso reforge armor/wpns. lucky my pal was free this week, so we did it together. he specced the toons he likes and i did the rest. glyph-wise, still need to do a lot more, but learning to play with a different set of spells is an eye-opener. for example, hunters now use focus, and i had to switch to steady shot a lot more to regen focus.

before i know it, halloween festival is on!

Hallow’s End

for me, it’s just 2 things. every hour, talk to the innkeep for the trick or treat. then run the Headless Horseman instance once a day, and hope for loot. sometimes, your bag is empty. that’s life.

for the L80s without epic rings, this is a good time to get the L200 rings which can be looted from the boss. i got the spellcaster ring for darksunder. so that’s a very good upgrade!

only problem is there is a known bug – mouseover the pumpkin shrine and u can become disconnected. if its the tank then its pretty much game over. so always get a dps to be the guinea pig. XD

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