me and my sunflower

yes, i got one. 1st time playing plant vs zombie game and on wow. fought off the warden and got the singing sunflower pet. cool, but i think 1 pet is all i’ve got the energy for. it takes a long time to fight off the warden.

not my kind of game. the pvp around the zone was more fun. zappel hunted down a horde rogue and got him twice and he got me once.

lowbies finishing up cooking

thanks to pilgrim week, all 4 lowbies are now L300 or higher in cooking – sealtle, faultless, stormfrost, incorrigible. i am still doing the daily cooking quests (good xp and to get rid of spare food cooked for the levelling). along the way, all 4 of them got the turkinator achievement since most ppl play L80s and dont need to kill turkeys anymore.

in addition, i am oso getting my lowbie warrior (39) up to level with my pally (43). bought them glyphs (since each has 2k gold courtesy of a relative – zappel) and specced them then took them into instance. pally is dual specced so he went to heal RFD. the warrior tanked uldaman. the new lowbie LFG dungeons are cool. there is map (before this patch, no maps, you are on your own) function. there are quest givers at the start of the instance, and you just follow the map to kill from boss to boss, quest to quest.

so now you get quest xp and rewards, and oso the bag of crappy stuff (still crappy. i got spellcaster ring on my warrior).

i took faultless to tank the new deadmines. dropped into the instance towards the end, and just bear form the rest. bear form at L16 is pathetic. only maul and mangle and growl. zzzz…. i think i wont tank for a while. at least gimme a swipe or two!

funny thing is, samin couldnt find the entrance to deadmines on his L80! lol lol and lol! hmmm. i think i better go check out where the deadmines entrance is too!

world shattered, end of missmisty’s kalimdor loremaster run

ah well, it was good while it lasted. i got 100 quests doneĀ  in just a couple of hours effort. the rest of the time was spent doing the cooking in pilgrim’s bounty for lowbies and LFGs and BGs. and for quite a bit of time, i was tired and just didnt play wow for some days.

i think if i had a month i’d have done it. as it is, i give up. not gonna do kalimdor loremaster anymore, since the old world has gone.

missmisty – rushing kalimdor loremaster

but will most likely not make it. since the world as we know it is going to change soon. like on tuesday?

anyway, she didnt make that much headway into the achievement. just cleared teldrassil and darkshore and half of ashenvale. if she really went for it, she’d need a lot more time, cos the travelling back and forth to turn in quests can be quite time consuming.

besides, that, this week is pilgrim bounty, and i have to get cooking up to 300 for the newbies – stormfrost and incorrigible on jubei and sealtle and faultless on khaz. so far, only sealtle has crossed the 300 mark, but there are some cooking quests to complete.

it has been hell to do pilgrim bounty due to interruptions to the main cities from the xpac events. the phase out periods means i cant fly from city to city or conduct any sort of activity in a city during event phases. so whenever a city event starts, i just quit on that toon and work on another realm’s toon.

the only good thing is, discovering all the lowbie quests in kalimdor on missmisty. that was a whole lot of fun. and taking missmisty on her daily LFG (just once a day for the bonus JPs, if i did it all the time, the loremastering will take too long)

missmisty – going for kalimdor loremaster

ok, i thought i would be working on kalimdor loremaster, but on a diff toon on a diff realm – sort of like maybe a hunter on Blackwater Raiders – Muzzleshot or Xbowstrike.

however, ever since i transferred Missmisty over to Khaz’goroth, i kinda feel responsible for her being the only L80 there, and wanna compensate a bit for stranding her in a “New Player” zone. LOL

her gear is not too bad, just under 5k GS. but she could seriously do with some upgrades. so i am going to take her on a few directions between now and cat. doing loremaster for fun. and along the way, explore kalimdor. and gearing her up for cat via random BGs and Hs.

i wanna get her the L264 wpn, she has 1k HP, so it is some way to go. but she already got a 3-0 win in WSG (not due to her, haha, the others were awesome. we had like 4 DKs so you can imagine, the horde didnt stand a chance). and to join WG every chance i get, so that if we win, she can go for VoA too!

i oso need to run a lot of H (which i can queue for while doing loremaster quests) so that i can get her the full L264 tier set.

i already re-spec her demo so that she can solo stuff with ease (not that kalimdor is going to present her any challenges) and glyphed her up. so the rest is going to be fun fun fun all the way!

im not even looking forward to cat now that i have a new mission. cos i havent really pvp in a long while. this should be fun while it lasts.

Zappel finished his Northrend Loremaster

having done that and learned how to make the deathchill cloak (L200 epic. lol), zappel is gonna sleep until cat awakens.

missmisty – paid character transfer

firetree is a good jump point to other realms. last night, i took all the leftover BoA gear (since everyone is already L80 on firetree), plus some gold and various low level mats and stuff and transferred missmisty (L80 lock) to khaz’goroth (oceanic pve for starters), where i had started a new druid (L8 – played by me) and a new mage (L11 – played by my nephew, not me, not yet, anyway).

i figured it would be fun to play lowbies all over again. haha. i cant stop alting. HALP!!!!

if it works out, i may transfer another firetree toon over.

70 quests to go for achievement

northrend loremaster, here i come! (for zappel)

left 70 quests to do in icecrown – there is one quest that bugs me. it requires 5-man and even though zappel can solo most 5-man quests, this one is not possible, due to the cool down of the potion needed to be put into the cauldron.

still, there are other quest lines to be done. however, if i finish all and am still short because i am stuck at this one quest line, i am going to be rather mad with blizzard. cos it’s practically impossible to find ppl to do the same quest now.

as for getting ready for cat, im there. my computers have enough power to run the new xpac without issues. cos i just bought a new i5 computer for my 2nd account. so now both accounts will run on i5 computers.

LFG has become pretty insane. there aren’t many ppl who still need on the blues and epics in the normal H dungeons. some ICC H dungeons gear is still needed. it’s common to see someone hit 4 or 5k dps and carry the group. heck, zappel does that some times too. other times, he is bottom dps. haha. he gets beaten by the DKs and warriors mostly. cos they charge in, aoe, smack everyone in a couple of sec and then the mob is dead. fire mage charges in too, just a sec or two slower so less power.