70 quests to go for achievement

northrend loremaster, here i come! (for zappel)

left 70 quests to do in icecrown – there is one quest that bugs me. it requires 5-man and even though zappel can solo most 5-man quests, this one is not possible, due to the cool down of the potion needed to be put into the cauldron.

still, there are other quest lines to be done. however, if i finish all and am still short because i am stuck at this one quest line, i am going to be rather mad with blizzard. cos it’s practically impossible to find ppl to do the same quest now.

as for getting ready for cat, im there. my computers have enough power to run the new xpac without issues. cos i just bought a new i5 computer for my 2nd account. so now both accounts will run on i5 computers.

LFG has become pretty insane. there aren’t many ppl who still need on the blues and epics in the normal H dungeons. some ICC H dungeons gear is still needed. it’s common to see someone hit 4 or 5k dps and carry the group. heck, zappel does that some times too. other times, he is bottom dps. haha. he gets beaten by the DKs and warriors mostly. cos they charge in, aoe, smack everyone in a couple of sec and then the mob is dead. fire mage charges in too, just a sec or two slower so less power.