missmisty – rushing kalimdor loremaster

but will most likely not make it. since the world as we know it is going to change soon. like on tuesday?

anyway, she didnt make that much headway into the achievement. just cleared teldrassil and darkshore and half of ashenvale. if she really went for it, she’d need a lot more time, cos the travelling back and forth to turn in quests can be quite time consuming.

besides, that, this week is pilgrim bounty, and i have to get cooking up to 300 for the newbies – stormfrost and incorrigible on jubei and sealtle and faultless on khaz. so far, only sealtle has crossed the 300 mark, but there are some cooking quests to complete.

it has been hell to do pilgrim bounty due to interruptions to the main cities from the xpac events. the phase out periods means i cant fly from city to city or conduct any sort of activity in a city during event phases. so whenever a city event starts, i just quit on that toon and work on another realm’s toon.

the only good thing is, discovering all the lowbie quests in kalimdor on missmisty. that was a whole lot of fun. and taking missmisty on her daily LFG (just once a day for the bonus JPs, if i did it all the time, the loremastering will take too long)

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