lowbies finishing up cooking

thanks to pilgrim week, all 4 lowbies are now L300 or higher in cooking – sealtle, faultless, stormfrost, incorrigible. i am still doing the daily cooking quests (good xp and to get rid of spare food cooked for the levelling). along the way, all 4 of them got the turkinator achievement since most ppl play L80s and dont need to kill turkeys anymore.

in addition, i am oso getting my lowbie warrior (39) up to level with my pally (43). bought them glyphs (since each has 2k gold courtesy of a relative – zappel) and specced them then took them into instance. pally is dual specced so he went to heal RFD. the warrior tanked uldaman. the new lowbie LFG dungeons are cool. there is map (before this patch, no maps, you are on your own) function. there are quest givers at the start of the instance, and you just follow the map to kill from boss to boss, quest to quest.

so now you get quest xp and rewards, and oso the bag of crappy stuff (still crappy. i got spellcaster ring on my warrior).

i took faultless to tank the new deadmines. dropped into the instance towards the end, and just bear form the rest. bear form at L16 is pathetic. only maul and mangle and growl. zzzz…. i think i wont tank for a while. at least gimme a swipe or two!

funny thing is, samin couldnt find the entrance to deadmines on his L80! lol lol and lol! hmmm. i think i better go check out where the deadmines entrance is too!