fail at being healer

haha. yup. wiped the group a few times with my gnomie priest in Strat live.

one time, looking at gear upgrade and not noticing that the tank had charged into next mob. moral of the story: focus. tanks run very fast these days.

another, was just cos we were overwhelmed by the mobs that we chained cos some in the mob charges and causes us to knockback into other mobs. still, we gave a pretty good fight. unfortunately, i forgot the main tenet of a healer. keep the tank alive. cos i was trying to save everybody, once the tank died, it was a matter of seconds more to live, that’s all. i really have to choose to let some of the dps die. esp since the tank deals the most dmg (in most instances i’ve run so far – 90% or more).

one more, was due to mobs that can fear. tank was feared out of LoS. but i didnt notice it immediately. so by the time i ran forward to heal, he was dead and it was another wipe. a tough fight, but still, wipe. this reminded me of another lesson of healer. you cant just stand at the far end and throw your heals. you need to watch your tank. if u need to run up, run up. sometimes, you need to stay back.

nevertheless, we made it to the end, and completed the instance. tank was good natured. he didnt mind wiping a bit cos i could actually heal most times.  other tanks can be rather cranky.

ultimately, it’s all in knowing the tank, mobs and instance strat. it’s not enough, just being specced to heal.


yup, i’ve not got any of my toons to the new level cap yet, cos im having so much fun with my worgen pups! i have 4! 2 on firetree and 2 on jubeithos.

they are all around L20+ and every instance, there is usually a majority of wolves at the gate!

plus, i’ve been busy since christmas logging in to each toon and flying them to ironforge to get their presents. done it all except for the toons on BWR.

so will do that tonight. then i can go back to levelling spiritcat and zappel to level cap. let my pups get some rested xp!

oh, and i learned something about the SFK instance. end boss fight, always make sure tank face wall, so the rest of party dont get massive dmg from the pistol shot from the boss.

first L85 – xbowstrike

xbowstrike is the hunter i transferred from Firetree to BWR (pass on Firetree BoA gear to alts there for Wrath) to Jubei’thos (so that now my worgen alts can use the BoA gear)

i would like to take the credit, however, it was levelled entirely solo by my buddy. on jubei’thos, a pvp realm.

he took out some horde that tried to gank him along the way. a few took him out, at great loss to their own health. but in a fair fight, none of them would have beat him.

he joined up the guild on Jubei’thos, and is now working on rep and archaeology to get good enough gear to run L85 heroic dungeons.

gratz to my buddy!

ran BRC and Throne dungeons

ok. been there and its been interesting. only zappel and naturespower, L82, went Throne. BRC was done by Spiritcat and Magel, both L81 now, as well as zappel and naturespower.

BRC has trash mobs and pats. Throne has gauntlets of mobs to run. BRC bosses are simple compared to Throne. so there you have it. BRC is just so much easier to run.

Throne needs at least 2 dps who can generate about 5-6k dps (carrying a 3rd dps at 1-3k dps). heals and tank have to be pro enough to take the damage and heal thru.

easier to get to BRC too. just fly. yes, fly, right up to the summoning stone for LBRS in the Blackrock mountains, then run in and its at the first right turn (the turn is confusing cos there is a pile of rubble at the junction, so ppl then to continue on and miss the turn)

Throne requires you to swim out to the middle of the ocean, to the whirlpool. so you can imagine. doing Vash is practically a MUST, since without doing it, you are minus that awesome seahorse mount that will bring you to the middle of the whirlpool in double quick time. you would have to fly and drop into the ocean instead. which isnt so accesible.

and the whirlpool has a funny property. if you drop in on it, you dont get to be sucked down to the Throne zone. you end up in a dead zone and die of fatigue rather quickly. you would need to press and hold the spacebar and rise up until the whirlpool catches you at the right spot and then it sucks u down to the correct zone.

at least, once you are there, there is a quick way out. talk to the npc next to the dungeon entrance and she will port u out instantly. dungeon is oso next to a raid entrance, so i guess there will be other visits to that nasty whirlpool.

LFG is currently bugged for normal cat dungeons. if u got a pre-formed party of 83 and 82, you cant get into random LFG, even though there are dungeons that are suitable for both levels, such as Throne. however, you can specifically select Throne, and then queue in LFG and you can get in. i have logged a ticket with Blizzard but i guess it is probably working as intended.


on a separate note, i have created toons on firetree and jubeithos – so now i have a worgen mage and hunter on firetree, and a worgen lock and mage on jubeithos. the mages are OP. the firetree ones have completed their quests in Gilneas and have left for Darnassus. the jubeithos ones are still in the midst of doing their Gilneas quests.


or the super waste time new 2nd prof. so far, i only tried it out on everstone. surveyed a few times and picked up some bits of artifacts. the levelling will be hell, since u start from scratch/level 1. it’s like fishing but way worse cos its not in one place. you have to survey, move, survey some more, until the bits are found. to get an epic, i guess, will take years of surveying. lol.

depressed about vash

ok i havent even see the new lands yet, but already, reading up about vash has turned me so off.

yup. you guessed it. 3d swimming is about the worst ever concept. i think wow has finally got rocks in their head and is trying to be everything to everybody. and end up being just second rate. next we will have flying battles – because everything is now in 3d. oh wait. we already got that in wrath.

actually, swim battles have always existed in wow, but just in very very small dosages. BFD is the famous one. and is still very much alive, and much more accessible now with dungeon map and instant port via LFG. and most importantly, a graveyard just outside the instance. if you still get lost, you are capital fail.

flying battles came a little later. they didnt have the technology back then. we havent tamed the dragons yet. the first flying battle came out in wrath. so we fight by controlling dragons. still, most of it was avoidable. in fact, so avoidable that in LFG, if ppl found out it was oculus, they would drop group so fast you couldnt even say hi.

and if it was malygos, eye of eternity raid, that was an even rarer event. if u werent in a guild your chances of seeing this raid was close to zero. nobody wanted to group up and fail at the flying stage which was also the hardest stage cos ppl just didnt know how to fly AND fight.


you can see why i am so depressed about having to go level 24 L80 toons in vash. i’d literally be swimming the entire zone for eons to come. and if it wasnt bad enuf, it is phased. which means if u wanna find a party, ferget it. if ppl have gone past your phase, tough luck.

anyway, im sure both horde and alliance will wanna visit vash just for the experience of seeing an underwater world. but not 24 times.

going places with greeni

yup, my gnomie priest has been to all lowbie dungeons via LFG, up to mara part 1 and rfk.

for mara, there is no achievement until you kill the end boss (piggy princess), so part 1 is just that. you get your goody bag and call it a day.

unfortunately, no chance to be dps. always queue as both heals and dps but always get heals. it seems the ratio now is seriously unbalanced. heals are rarest, followed by tanks and then dps. when i queue as tank on stormfrost or incorrigible (cant heal now. all his healing gear passed to greeni). i have to wait too.

i guess if i wasnt BoA geared, i wont want to heal either. too easy to run out of mana these days. every so often, i have to stop and drink a whole bottle of whatever is my best mana drink for my level. if i wanna dps AND heal, i’d have to stop and drink after every mob fight. and that would slow down the whole group. so i give up and just heal, dot (SWP) and wand, and just keep running. cos the tanks are now practically top dps. i guess we wont see the CC stuff until we hit cat dungeons.

although there was a bit of cc in a few boss dungeon designs. ok. 1 so far, that i can see. it was when i was tanking in dire maul part 2 on incorrigible. the end boss immol’thar summons 2 ogre adds and a beast (doggy?).  when we failed to cc, the ogres tore the party apart. once we cc the 2 adds, we could down the boss and then his adds easily.

anyway, back to greeni. i guess im gonna have to put her in cold storage soon, as i will be getting cat in a couple of days. zappel and spiritcat and moodykat and timeforfun will be my focus come cat. in the meanwhile, i have given up on her completing the quests in STV. so she will probably level via dungeons for a while. since she is highly in demand as a healer. haha.

no cat for me yet

cat may be out today, but im gonna wait for my CE version to be delivered first. ETA 9 Dec. besides, i gotta go to a shop tomorrow to buy one normal version. since i have 2 a/c.

so business as usual tonight, levelling my gnomie priest who just hit 30 and dual specced for 30g. cheap cheap!


naturespower got the singing sunflower pet too after i showed my pal how to set up the plants and defenses for the end boss fight. the rest he did himself, since he is a quick learner. in fact, he killed the boss faster than i did mine, cos he used the pumpkin bomb a lot more than i did. so that’s the trick, guys. bomb him to death!

so what did i do last night? i was playing zappel so i could get the BoA cloth shoulders for greeni (my L11 gnome priest). already 1.5k JP, need a few hundred more. so i queued for LFG while doing outlands quests. besides, doing quests in outlands means i collect cloth for my lowbies who will eventually hit the outlands sometime during cat

LFG was fun, but i could see some of the pros have started to wean off LFG. i was usually 2nd on overall dmg. 1st is the tank, who is mostly pro – 40 or 50k health. the other 2 dps are usually far behind. so that means those are alts mostly. the healers on the other hand, are usually pros. 30k mana pools. even with quarter mana pool left they dont need to stop and drink.

oh well, once zappel has enuf JPs he is gonna quit the LFG too, so that i can focus on greeni levelling thru westfall, redridge and duskwood. she gotta play catch up with gsauce, my pal’s rogue, who is already into STV.