running L85 normal instances

ah, the joys of running L85 instances. now i can level my therazane rep (almost honoured now). and getting L333 blues. which will qualify me for H in about 20 – 50 runs’ time. lol.

zzz. this has pissed me off no end.

since i have 24 L80s, of which 3 have since hit L85, and 2 are at L84, and a couple more at L83/2, i dont see me putting much effort into the toons once they hit L85. cos the gearing sequence is just so time consuming.

so unlike wrath in which almost all my toons have epic gear, this time round, only mains will get high level blues and maybe epics. plus, i seemed to have lost steam this time round, and prefer to play lowbies like my worgens.

i think i may not even get more than just the mains and a few to L85. just let the rest rot. as it is, those on BWR are already on the permanent disability list.

the good news is, zappel has now run Halls of Origination (HoO) complete as well as Grim Batol (GB). now for spiritcat to do the same. but first, gotta fly her over to discover the instance entrances first. zzz

ok. i think i finally got the urge to do H

alrighty then, it’s time to pull up my socks and DO THE RIGHT THING

since i got 2 of my toons to 85, they have been sitting pretty instead of chionging H. that has got to stop. ppl are already raiding.

so starting this weekend, they will go and finish up quests that lead to faction reps that they need, and also go acquire gear to take them to H. in the meanwhile, i need to read up the strat on all the H dungeons so i dont mess up. lucky i can queue as dps so it wont be so tough.

hmmm, i probably need to work on their profs too. but im gonna skip arch cos it is just too bloody painful. worse than fishing.

lowbie weekend

since i didnt have a lot of spare time, i just played a bit of my lowbies until their rested xp were used up.

incorrigible is almost ready to pop into outlands as he is L57. but i want to make him do the herbing for alch and also for greeni’s inscription b4 he pops off. otherwise it will be hard to do it when he is based in outlands.

next is to try and level my worgens faster. so that their gathering prof efforts can be put to good use by the others. so far, they are still far from the rest and need to be played just a bit more (ie. normal xp, not rested) so that they catch up and if possible, overtake.

L85 – spiritcat and zappel

ok i finally got 1 L85 toon on firetree and jubei’thos. but now comes the long slog for gear to run H. zzz.

oso need to do quests to open up zones and get rep (for gear).

will oso need to run fruit and everstone into BRC. otherwise all they can queue for is TotT.

having more fun with my lowbies. farming herbs and mines in STV is fun. kill stuff along the way. but i am avoiding arch. just cannot find the motivation to do it. maybe if i avoid it long enuf, bliz will make it easier? haha. fat hopes, right?

the best thing about both the guilds is that repairs can now be funded by guild. cos as u kill stuff, some money goes into the gbank. some of my lowbies are still guildless. i guess i like it that way. can just do stuff i like without ppl looking over my shoulders. but too bad about the repair bill. must pay it out of own pocket. actually, the real pain is the once in a while random guild invites.

wiping on stonecore normal

seems like every pug i run for stonecore is doomed to wipes. there is just something about pat mobs, sentries and knockbacks that dooms the stratless wonders that queue for dungeon these days.

of course, dont forget those who just aggro mobs by running past them without first looking ahead to avoid said mobs. this is very common esp with ppl dropping group for any and every reason possible. including wipes, naturally.

usually, the first part up to the worm boss, is fine. after that things quickly fall apart in the tunnel of flayers, giants that do knockback, and mobs of irritating small imps. if you get hit by a mob of flayers and a giant, it is easy to wipe cos of the quake damage from the giant. most healers cant cope with that.

the 2nd boss is easy too. dragon with stuff that you need to avoid.

after that,  there are many chances to go wiping on trash mobs. cos they have sentries, if u fail to notice one and aggro they will summon guards and it gets messy esp if you are already engaging a mob. in general, most groups will clear only the mobs on the critical path. so if someone left the party and you got a new member, who is running in, they may aggro stuff cos they just werent looking. and if they are near enough to u, when they aggro and die, you are next on the wipe list since u are oso put in combat.

3rd boss is tank and spank in normal, so it’s not hard.

going to 4th boss, there are 100 small monsters to kill. if your tank cant take the hits from all 100, you wipe. suggest tank pull mobs in groups, rather than the whole hog.

so this is one weird instance. where the trash mobs can wipe your party but the bosses wont.

feeling the pressure to get to level cap now

damn, everyone and their pig-rabbit (i just did a marathon viewing of he’s beautiful, a korean drama, over the weekend) is L85 now.

i need to pick up the pace. i guess i really felt cheated when my L264 epics were replaced by greens in cataclysm. when i think back on the no. of H runs i did to get the full tier set, i could have bought tons of BoA gear instead. at least those have some re-use value. so i deflated and couldnt get myself worked up over cat even when i took 2 weeks holidays to play wow after cat came out. hell, i even detest archaeology! it is the most fucked up secondary profession. even mining and herbing is so much more functional. which idiot came up with the prof like arch? some history prof from the dustiest part of the library?

instead, i found myself enjoying playing lowbies, even toons without BoA gear. new gnomies and worgies. even normal other lowbie toons.

still, i guess my guild on firetree is probably hoping to get enough ppl to run raid soon. so i have to get SC to 85 and start chaining heroics. the jubei guild is probably already doing raids but i cant yet. since zappel is still only L84…. grrr. i guess i better stop watching dramas for a while and focus on getting my mains to where they are supposed to be.

recent LFG horror stories

1. the player that couldnt make the jump across the stepping stones at the start of BFD. he left the instance after trying a few times.

2. the L84 MM hunter who does 2.6k dps in stonecore. then blames the tank for wiping at the 3rd boss. cos he stood and tanked in place instead of avoiding the stuns. since it wasnt a H run, that is the normal strat – there is no need to avoid, just heal thru. heals just couldnt keep the tank up. so the tank left. i guess a better tank came in, or the healer did a better job. so we finally cleared that boss.

3. the healer who levelled after the 2nd boss fight, and then left the Vortex instance. there is no commitment, nothing. no sense of responsibility and accountability. players gone bad.

4. the tanks who think they can just charge and aoe down mobs without cc. well, it dont work so well for mobs with healers. or those that mark, but dont follow thru, and end up breaking the cc.

5. players who ask the party to kill extra mobs for their personal skinning needs. WTF????

since i am used to LFG (having done an incredible no. of H runs on Zappel), this sort of behaviour i just laugh off. but really, ppl should have more integrity.

playing wow on 2 accounts is more fun than 1

since i have 2 accounts, out of necessity, i often play on both accounts simultaneously on 1 computer.

this allows me to put a dps toon in LFG queue, and play another toon on the 2nd wow window. this is how i am levelling my L80 toon to the new 85 cap. cos i am keeping the quests for gold once i hit 85, i am just doing instances.

now, i could do instances as a healer instead of a dps, but i dont need to rush it. so i keep Spiritcat (Firetree L84) as shadow, queue as dps, and then go play my lowbie worgen on the 2nd account.

then i switch around, and play Magel (Firetree L83), queue as dps, and play my lowbie gnomie priest Greeni.

i only play with rested xp. cos i dont like to waste effort on levelling when i can do it faster. with the guild options it gets even better.