playing wow on 2 accounts is more fun than 1

since i have 2 accounts, out of necessity, i often play on both accounts simultaneously on 1 computer.

this allows me to put a dps toon in LFG queue, and play another toon on the 2nd wow window. this is how i am levelling my L80 toon to the new 85 cap. cos i am keeping the quests for gold once i hit 85, i am just doing instances.

now, i could do instances as a healer instead of a dps, but i dont need to rush it. so i keep Spiritcat (Firetree L84) as shadow, queue as dps, and then go play my lowbie worgen on the 2nd account.

then i switch around, and play Magel (Firetree L83), queue as dps, and play my lowbie gnomie priest Greeni.

i only play with rested xp. cos i dont like to waste effort on levelling when i can do it faster. with the guild options it gets even better.

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