running L85 normal instances

ah, the joys of running L85 instances. now i can level my therazane rep (almost honoured now). and getting L333 blues. which will qualify me for H in about 20 – 50 runs’ time. lol.

zzz. this has pissed me off no end.

since i have 24 L80s, of which 3 have since hit L85, and 2 are at L84, and a couple more at L83/2, i dont see me putting much effort into the toons once they hit L85. cos the gearing sequence is just so time consuming.

so unlike wrath in which almost all my toons have epic gear, this time round, only mains will get high level blues and maybe epics. plus, i seemed to have lost steam this time round, and prefer to play lowbies like my worgens.

i think i may not even get more than just the mains and a few to L85. just let the rest rot. as it is, those on BWR are already on the permanent disability list.

the good news is, zappel has now run Halls of Origination (HoO) complete as well as Grim Batol (GB). now for spiritcat to do the same. but first, gotta fly her over to discover the instance entrances first. zzz