spiritcat need to be re-tuned

now i know why my shadow priest goes mana flat battery so quickly. talents put in wrong place. i need to take out stuff from shadow (phantasm and paralysis)  and put into disc tree so that i can get archangel and evangelism.

duh. ok. homework for tonight. respec time!

magel hit L85 and went shopping for gear

since she mostly levelled via LFG, she had over 2.3k JPs which bought her a new blue helm. plus some cheap blues off the AH, and she is halfway to H gearing.

now i just need to run her thru a few L85 normal dungeons and her gear should be ready for H runs.

spiritcat can now run H dungeons

bought 2 more AH blues and took spiritcat on guild random LFG heroic run.

bad luck. we landed in H Deadmines. while the 1st boss was ok, the

3rd boss, the Foe Reaper, couldnt be downed. either my shadow dps not enough and the adds overwhelmed the tank with their aoe or the adds cannot be tanked properly by the reaper robot.

so we gave up after several wipes at the same boss.

luck of the zappel: festive dungeon run of the day – dropped heartbreak charm (neck 346 gear) and he won on the need roll!

spiritcat overcomes LFG bug!

ok maybe not a bug. as usual, it would be working as intended.

frankly, it’s a bug.

so what happened?

well, you know how you can basically use LFG to level all the way to level cap in wrath, and then continue to run LFG to accumulate emblems (now justice points) to buy epic gear, which then allows you to run heroic dungeons?

in cata, cos they didnt think it thru, they started to put gear level checks even in NORMAL dungeons. so if you toon levelled thru LFG but didnt manage to get the gear (as per spiritcat, cos she didnt get her boots replaced so her average item level was below that required to run L85 normal dungeons) you are now unable to queue random LFG cos the L85 normal dungeons require gear level higher than what you have. at the same time, it wont allow you to queue for lower instances cos you are now too pro (char level too high).

spiritcat was stuck in the middle and nowhere to go. so for the longest time, i just let her stew.

but lately, i took a break from Jubei’thos lowbies and started to work on her quests in deepholm. so she finally picked up a nice blue boots and could queue random normal dungeon LFG, since she finally met the gear level.

zappel got epic

on a guild farming run in BoT, we 7-man the mobs up to the first boss and then reset the instance. as a mage, i learned 2 very important lessons. dont stand on the steps – the lightning zap is really hard. 1 shot me everytime.

the other thing is to do instant sheeping in arcane spec.

if you dont you can get silenced by the mobs. which also means if you gotta refresh the sheep, you should do it with at least a few more seconds in case you get silenced while doing it last minute. not good.

a purple wrist hit rating item dropped and the dps castors all rolled for it. zappel won! so he got his 1st epic! and it comes with the achievement. lol. well, he still needs to run a lot of stuff before he can get to run H dungeons. so it’s still some way before he can properly raid. but this is a huge encouragement to go for it!