baradin hold – argaloth

naturespower got an achievement, thanks to the guild who brought him along for the argaloth boss fight in BH (Baradin Hold)

Tol Barad (TB) is like Wintergrasp in wrath – win the faction PVP battle (horde vs alliance) and then you get to run the BH raid instance for nice gear. but the boss is not so nice. cos the guild group is not made up of all the top players, but just a 10-man BH run with an non-guildie helping, we wiped twice. while i was in resto (ran out of mana too soon cos not enuf gear). so i switched to dps (can brez) and for the last fight we beat the boss. even so, i was last in dps (gear makes a lot of difference)

it was a simple boss fight actually. 2 5-man groups each with a tank and healer. and you gotta dps fast enuf so the boss dont enrage. he will usually enrage by the 3rd fel storm which leads to a wipe. you also cannot afford to let members of the group die. cos then the dps wont be enough for a makeshift group like ours.

so the fight is just stand with tank to share the damage, tanks alternate taunt off each other, and during fel storms, dont stand in fire. which means you can only do instant casts. even a 1.5 sec cast is too long. the fire will drop on you once you stay stationary. so every one has to spread out cos there is fire all round. and group up once the storm is over.

kill the boss, and get the achievement: Pit Lord Argaloth

loot for 10-man is 2 epics. for our run, there was a lock item and a DK item. DK item went to Tzenn, one of the tanks. no lock so item was DE.

what happens when you wipe?

you get back to full health at the graveyard (typical PVP timed rez), then you mount up (land mount, cant fly) and jump off the building (wont take damage, there is a slow fall buff on you) and run outside the walls towards the East, then turn right once outside and then after a few steps, there is a cellar opening to your right. run down the cellar as it leads to the TB instance.

sethekk halls – 2 quests

there are 2 quests for SH which you can pick up outside the SH instance. which means you gotta fly there and talk to the npc before you queue LFG or specifically SH. likewise, after the run, to fly back to the npc to turn in quests for blue item rewards.

if you choose to random LFG, good chance you might end up doing CoT’s Old Hillsbrad (young Thrall) instance instead. and what you really really should be doing is SH cos of the 2 quest rewards!

1) Brother against brother

Kill instance 1st boss and free Lakka in a cage.

Reward is a blue neck item.

2) Terokk’s Legacy

Pick up 3 items:

  • Mask is looted off the 1st boss
  • pick up Saga from the floor in the room just before end boss
  • Quill is looted off the end boss

Reward is a blue item, either the Mask (dps leather head), Saga (castor off-hand) or Quill (2h polearm)

auchenai crypts – chain quest

before you start to queue for crypts, you should do the chain quest that leads to a final quest to kill the end boss in crypts.

warning: this is not a easy chain. but nowadays, should be able to be soloed, if you use your cds carefully. if not, wait a level or two. if still cant give it up, its not worth the hassle. but so far, i have done it successfully on both plate and cloth toons at the appropriate level.

  1. I See Dead Draenei – just fly down to auchindon, take the quest from npc just outside the crypts instance.
  2. Ezekiel – this guy is in Shattrah City. talk and done.
  3. What Book? I Don’t See Any Book. – this might be a bit of a messy fight. since it is 3 vs 1. and they are melee intensive. use your cds if you are clothie. plate wearers have no problems with these guys. on my L64 shadow priest, i had to use fear and psychic horror, shield and renew while dotting and dpsing them down. on my L64 pally, i just put on tank gear and aoe dmg them, and use the holy word to self heal every so often.
  4. The Master’s Grand Design? – fly to nagrand to find npc in the abandoned armory.
  5. Vision of the Dead – pain in the ass quest, fly all over nagrand and kill stuff for the 3 drops you gotta get. i did this around L66. after finishing most of the nesingwary quests (left the 3 bosses and the end boss quests)
  6. Levixus the Soul Caller – boss on top part of the auch ring. if you can do 5, you can do 6.
  7. Everything Will Be Alright. since you are in a party for the crypts instance, killing end boss is a piece of cake.

lots of xp, and nice loot. worth the effort.

5th April 2011 update:

correction. not all the group quests can be soloed by every class.

i tried the book quest on my L64 rogue – he had to vanish. evasion just not long enough to keep the damage off.

as for levixus, that is even tougher. L67 mage and shadow priest cannot kill him individually. but together, yes. hence, group for this boss fight.

levelling in outlands (Terokkar/Nagrand)

now that you are L64, it’s time to visit Auchindon (Terokkar Forest) and Nagrand. by the time you are done with these 2 places, you would have moved on to the next xpac zones, Northrend! (L68 and higher)


Nagrand will give you enough quests. i like to do ALL the Nesingwary quests (the meats can be used to level cooking skill) in Nagrand, as well as some starter quests from Telaar (if nothing else, just to get the cooking recipes) and the Consortium guys (esp. nice for JCers)

also, if you run instances, pick up the quests that are at Auchindon, just outside the instances. you need to be at the appropriate level in order to get the quests. so start with the Mana Tomb quests.


  • Mana Tombs – L64
  • Crypts – L65
  • Sethekk Halls – L67
  • Old Hillsbrad – L67  (not in Auch but CoT, but if you use LFG you will get this randomly)

oh, pick up the FP for Telaar/Nagrand and Allerian Stronghold/Terokkar Forest. and if you get some spirit shards while killing bosses in Auchindon instances when the PVP buff is on the Alliance side, they can be traded for some nice stuff at the stronghold.

levelling in outlands (Zangarmarsh)

skip the rest of the Hellfire quests when you get to 61-62 and just fly over to Zangar. here there are a bunch of easy quests for Exodar (Teredor), Cenarion Expedition and Sporeggar. there are also 2 instances under the Coilfang Reservoir – Slave Pens and Underbog

you should get rep with Sporeggar, so that when you are friendly and L63, you can pick up the 2 Underbog instance quests that give pretty nice stuff:

  • Oh, It’s On! (kill the 1st boss and pick up the underspore frond from a leafless tree – reward is an item that makes a food+water item good enough for outlands)
  • Stalk the Stalker (kill the end boss and loot boss brain – reward is either a trinket that returns mana or health on a kill that gives honor/xp)

In addition, while in Underbog, you can pick up sanguine hibiscus from some of the mobs or just pick them off the ground (like herbing but dont need herb skill). that is for a repeatable Sporeggar quest for rep gain:  Bring me a/another shrubbery

Do the simple quests for Cenarion and Exodar. those that require you to collect 10+ items from mobs, skip them unless you are herbalist/skinner prof. in general, i skip all Naga related quests cos it’s just a waste of time and there are easier quests to do, since i just focus on levelling and not faction rep.

once you are halfway to L63, skip the rest of the quests and start on Sporeggar rep. fly to the Spawning Glen (SW Zangar) and look for the npc, Fasshn, just East of the glen. pick up both his quests and do them (both can be completed repeatedly in the glen) until you get to Friendly. then he will give you a quest to go to Sporeggar. along the way, pick up at least 10 glowcaps (Sporeggar currency and quest item). after you get to Sporeggar and turn in some of the simple quests, you should hit L63 and be able to get the 2 underbog quests.

while waiting for the instance, you can do some more simple quests or collect FPs (Orebor Harborage)

after you have done Slave Pens and Underbog, you should be easily L64 and ready for the next 2 zones, Terrokar Forest (which encompasses Auchindon instances and Shattrah City, a sanctuary) and Nagrand.

levelling in outlands (HellFire Peninsula)

my typical strat for outlands is: get there around L59. cos if you go there too early (ie L58), it’s a pain to travel without a plane (i mean, flying, which you can only get at L60. thereafter you can even fly, back in azeroth, if you paid for the appropriate flying training).  you dont want to get there after 60, cos you miss out on gear from some starter quests in the hellfire zone.

just before you step into outlands, set your home/hearth in IF or SW (now that there are no more portals in dalaran or shattrah city). then take the portal to the blasted lands. mount up and run up to the npc just before the dark portal to pick up the 1st of a chain quest:  Through the Dark Portal

enter the dark portal, then just follow the quests to Honor Hold, right up to the fortress. which then splits into 2 quest chains. both are worth doing, but one is key to getting a quest for the 1st instance called Hellfire Ramparts (2nd instance is Blood Furnace)

Do the Know Your Enemy quest, which leads to the Fel Orc Scavengers quest, which leads to Ill Omens, which then opens up Weaken the Ramparts instance quest.

if you need to cook, pick up the ravager egg quest from a npc at the zeppelin crash site. cos then when you kill the ravagers, the meat will drop and you can cook it. the recipe is from the cook in the HH inn.

remember to get the Temple of Telhamat FP.

after a few quests and LFG instance queues to the 2 instances, you would be L61/62 and ready for Zangarmarsh.


yup, been ignoring my mains on both realms Firetree and Jubei’thos. they can run heroics but dont have the gear for raiding, nor am i bothering to even run heroics. somehow, after the latest xpac shock of seeing epics discarded like trash, it’s become meaningless to keep up with the purple chase.

instead, i am having a ton of fun with lowbies

i have 6 on Jubei, and they range from L67 to L58. yup. all are now in outlands. that’s 2 tanks, 1 healer and the rest dps. and at the same time, i am levelling their professions to the appropriate level. majority of them have some BoA so they progress very quickly, be it questing or instance tanking/healing/dps.

for the 2 on Firetree, it’s L41 mage (Wormage) and L35 hunter (Werewolfe). both worgens, both without BoA gear, just to try it out for the fun of it – and seriously, if you keep the gear appropriate to the level, and have some blues, its a piece of cake. i need to get my mage to L42 so as to help port ppl around.

i have 1 L31 druid (Faultless) on Khaz’goroth, as the other one (L34 mage) is being played by my nephew. i help my nephew to level his professions only – tailoring and herbing. i dont do questing or instances – that’s his fun. Faultless has some BoA gear to help him gain xp faster. and also as i play him as a cat dps while questing, and bear tanking in instances, the BoA helps a lot. now that he is L30 i dual specced him to feral/resto. but i need to get him some castor gear before he can go heal an instance.

i play them all in turn, so that they can get some rested xp. when they are all drained of rested xp, i turn to my L80 toons and bring them to vashjr or hyjal.

for Firetree, i am focusing on Blackstealth/rogue since he is my herbalist/scribe.  another that i play is Pickwick/lock cos he is my miner/engineer. the ores go to Everstone/warrior, who is still slowly levelling with Fruit/druid, for making his own plate gear.

for Jubei’thos, i dont have any L80 alts. All 3 are now L85 – Zappel, Xbowstrike (1st to get to level cap) and Naturespower. and all 3 can run heroics

All my Blackwater Raider toons are now inactive. and will probably never be active again. *sob* farewell, goodbye.

On Khaz’goroth, Missmisty (who was transferred from Firetree to provide BoA gear for Faultless), is slowly getting some xp from farming activities. also getting some city rep when killing mobs in instances for cloth for my nephew’s tailor toon. Uldaman is the main source of silk cloth.

So, WoW is still a lot of fun, but to be honest, i have recently been engaged in more IRL fun and WoW now comes a poor 2nd. and my korean & japanese drama watching has been relegated to a distant 3rd. hence, my updates to this blog will become fewer and fewer.