auchenai crypts – chain quest

before you start to queue for crypts, you should do the chain quest that leads to a final quest to kill the end boss in crypts.

warning: this is not a easy chain. but nowadays, should be able to be soloed, if you use your cds carefully. if not, wait a level or two. if still cant give it up, its not worth the hassle. but so far, i have done it successfully on both plate and cloth toons at the appropriate level.

  1. I See Dead Draenei – just fly down to auchindon, take the quest from npc just outside the crypts instance.
  2. Ezekiel – this guy is in Shattrah City. talk and done.
  3. What Book? I Don’t See Any Book. – this might be a bit of a messy fight. since it is 3 vs 1. and they are melee intensive. use your cds if you are clothie. plate wearers have no problems with these guys. on my L64 shadow priest, i had to use fear and psychic horror, shield and renew while dotting and dpsing them down. on my L64 pally, i just put on tank gear and aoe dmg them, and use the holy word to self heal every so often.
  4. The Master’s Grand Design? – fly to nagrand to find npc in the abandoned armory.
  5. Vision of the Dead – pain in the ass quest, fly all over nagrand and kill stuff for the 3 drops you gotta get. i did this around L66. after finishing most of the nesingwary quests (left the 3 bosses and the end boss quests)
  6. Levixus the Soul Caller – boss on top part of the auch ring. if you can do 5, you can do 6.
  7. Everything Will Be Alright. since you are in a party for the crypts instance, killing end boss is a piece of cake.

lots of xp, and nice loot. worth the effort.

5th April 2011 update:

correction. not all the group quests can be soloed by every class.

i tried the book quest on my L64 rogue – he had to vanish. evasion just not long enough to keep the damage off.

as for levixus, that is even tougher. L67 mage and shadow priest cannot kill him individually. but together, yes. hence, group for this boss fight.

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