levelling in northrend (howling fjord) and coldarra (borean tundra)

HF is good to level from 68-70/71. then it’s time to move to grizzly hills (GH).

although i’ve levelled many alts in both BT and HF, i still prefer HF.

in the past, before LFG instance porting, it was important to be in HF and queue for the UK dungeon, cos you need to run to the summoning stone in the keep to summon the rest of the party. now, it’s just the levelling progress in HF is more structured.

of course, when you first hit L68 and head into northrend from outlands, the first place you gotta go is BT to get trained on cold weather flying. then fly over to HF to start on the levelling.

Note: fly fly fly

  • flying is faster than riding a land mount is faster than running on foot.
  • flying avoids ground mobs you dont need to kill and only slow you down if you engage them
  • flying gives you a further and wider view, useful when spotting mobs you need to kill for quest.

UK instance quests:

pick them up from the npc outside the keep

  • Disarmament – pick up 5 vrykul weapons that are found all over the dungeon
  • Into Utgarde! – kill the end boss and loot his head

Nexus (BT) instance quests:

unfortunately, they are mostly the end of chain quests which originate in coldarra (nexus island). so as part of your levelling process, you may want to skip over to BT to do ALL the quests in coldarra, and then pop into nexus to complete the following quests:

  • Have They No Shame – this is the only non-chain quest. picked up from npc near the FP for coldarra in the Transitus Shield. along the path to the 1st boss, just kill the first mini boss (not considered a nexus instance boss except when you do it in heroic mode) and there is a book nearby. pick it up.
  • Postponing the Inevitable – after killing the 2nd boss, run the north most edge of the boss platform and activate the interdimensional refabricator (which you should have got from the chain quest)
  • Quickening – along the frozen zone leading the the 3rd boss, get your party to kill crystalline protectors, in order to loot 5 arcane splinters (a body can continue 1 or 2 splinters)
  • Prisoner of War – kill the end boss

by the time you finished HF and BT, you would be L71 or 72 and ready for the next zones (grizzly hills or dragonblight)

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