howling fjord ka’luak quests

there is a bunch of ka’luak quests that start from outside westguard keep and end with 2 nice blue trinkets that’s very level appropriate. hence if you dont have BoA trinkets, this is a good chain to get into.

since this is at westguard, the game play assumes you would already have levelled once or twice before getting here, and should be at least L70.

pick up the first quest from the npc, lunk-tusk, who is just outside westguard keep. it will lead you to kamagua, the ka’luak island just off the coast and a hop away from westguard keep. after that, it will lead you to a series of quests for scalawag point, the next island.

by the end of the quests, you should be richer by 2 blue trinkets:

  1. The Jig is Up (group of 2 but can solo)
  2. Return to Atuik (the end of the the end of the quests for Ka’luak in HF)

after this, you should move on to Dragonblight, since you should have picked up a quest to go to Moa’ki Harbor. and you should go there, since the quest will reward you with a nice green item just for getting there.

as you already have cold weather flying, you can either fly there or wait for turtle boat.