Cata cooking the easy way

cooking: you should be around L425 when you are done with wrath. so, what now, that you are in cata?

first, learn to cook Blackened Surprise from the trainer, then go Mt Hyjal and kill lots of animals for Toughened Flesh up to L450.

NOTE: while you are doing the killing, remember to do the daily cooking quest to get the necessary chef awards. cos future recipes have to be bought, not trained.

at L450, buy the whitecrest gumbo recipe and cook some of those blood shrimps you picked up in your quests (esp while under the sea), up to L475

at L475, buy the hearty seafood soup recipe and cook some more blood shrimps, up to L500

at L500, you have a choice of fish or red meat. i prefer basilisks cos i can just fly around, land and kill them. guess i am not much of a fisherman. cook up to L525

and you’re done. unless you wanna get even more pro at cooking. for me, this is as good as it gets.

another new L85 – fruit@firetree

since fruit has been L84 for the longest time, i decided to just do the last bit and level him up. but i dont know what to do with him. probably put in cold storage for now

latest L85 – xense@firetree

usually top in dps in normal L85 dungeon runs, but can never win the loot she needs. dps trinket? went to rogue. dps ring? went to another rogue…. sigh

so she is still a long way from H gearing. more QQ (queuing)

(update 23 May: i was wrong. she is already running H after getting a few more pieces of gear in the normal 85 dungeon runs)

jubei’thos alts heading into cata soon

well, persi is already L76. so once she hits 78, i’m gonna try and see if she can already head into cata zones and do quests there. since you need a lot of cata rep, starting on quests ASAP helps.

(update 16 May 2011: nope. cant do cata at L78. so gonna try L79 next)

(update 19 May 2011: nope. cant do cata at L79. u gotta be L80)

as usual, L200 items for L80s are kinda pointless, since the cata items are already way past L200 (L277). in fact, if you got L78 BoE cata gear, can already use once your toon hit L78.

grouchy grouse of the day: ambassador title

ambassador title stripped off greeni. cos only 5 exalted city reps. thanks to latest patch 4.1, now need ALL 6 reps. grrr. persi just hit 5 exalted city reps. so still need ONE MORE

what i did on tuesday maintenance

i went to look for an old jpop song on the internet… and found it!

i first heard it a long time ago. so you can estimate my age. but then i forgot about it over time, and then i heard it again when i was watching a japanese drama last year – ninkyo helper. it was the song played by the mafia boss who was put into cold storage.

at first, i thought it might be on the OST (original sound track) of the drama. wrong.

then on tuesday i rewatched the part of the song – and caught the cd case on the film with the singer’s picture. it was deliberately shown, i think to acknowledge the singer who sang this popular enka song

so i went to search for the song, by the japanese hiragana on the cd case, on the internet. actually, that wasnt the name of the song on the cd case. it was the name of the singer! but well, since it was such a popular song back then, both the singer and the song has made its way into the internet.

song title: 喝采 (kassai)

singer: ちあきなおみ (chiaki naomi)

song synopsis: the curtain always rises

singer left her lover 3 years ago for her career.

today, she received a letter with a black border (ie death). her lover has passed away.

she went back to the old town’s church. although she is sad, she has no words, no tears for the past. she has become hardened.

now, she is back on stage, singing.

some links:


getting another toon to level cap

yup. this time, i am going to focus on xense, my firetree L81 hunter. yup. already L81 without doing much in terms of questing. some instances, some questing, some farming.

gonna get some rep along the way too. so have to do at the very least, the minimum questing for the rep. gonna limit the LFGs but very tempted by the JPs…. hmmmm. oh well, whatever happens, happens.

let’s see how long it will take to get xense to L85 on a casual basis.