what i did on tuesday maintenance

i went to look for an old jpop song on the internet… and found it!

i first heard it a long time ago. so you can estimate my age. but then i forgot about it over time, and then i heard it again when i was watching a japanese drama last year – ninkyo helper. it was the song played by the mafia boss who was put into cold storage.

at first, i thought it might be on the OST (original sound track) of the drama. wrong.

then on tuesday i rewatched the part of the song – and caught the cd case on the film with the singer’s picture. it was deliberately shown, i think to acknowledge the singer who sang this popular enka song

so i went to search for the song, by the japanese hiragana on the cd case, on the internet. actually, that wasnt the name of the song on the cd case. it was the name of the singer! but well, since it was such a popular song back then, both the singer and the song has made its way into the internet.

song title: 喝采 (kassai)

singer: ちあきなおみ (chiaki naomi)

song synopsis: the curtain always rises

singer left her lover 3 years ago for her career.

today, she received a letter with a black border (ie death). her lover has passed away.

she went back to the old town’s church. although she is sad, she has no words, no tears for the past. she has become hardened.

now, she is back on stage, singing.

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