jubei’thos alts heading into cata soon

well, persi is already L76. so once she hits 78, i’m gonna try and see if she can already head into cata zones and do quests there. since you need a lot of cata rep, starting on quests ASAP helps.

(update 16 May 2011: nope. cant do cata at L78. so gonna try L79 next)

(update 19 May 2011: nope. cant do cata at L79. u gotta be L80)

as usual, L200 items for L80s are kinda pointless, since the cata items are already way past L200 (L277). in fact, if you got L78 BoE cata gear, can already use once your toon hit L78.

grouchy grouse of the day: ambassador title

ambassador title stripped off greeni. cos only 5 exalted city reps. thanks to latest patch 4.1, now need ALL 6 reps. grrr. persi just hit 5 exalted city reps. so still need ONE MORE