Cata cooking the easy way

cooking: you should be around L425 when you are done with wrath. so, what now, that you are in cata?

first, learn to cook Blackened Surprise from the trainer, then go Mt Hyjal and kill lots of animals for Toughened Flesh up to L450.

NOTE: while you are doing the killing, remember to do the daily cooking quest to get the necessary chef awards. cos future recipes have to be bought, not trained.

at L450, buy the whitecrest gumbo recipe and cook some of those blood shrimps you picked up in your quests (esp while under the sea), up to L475

at L475, buy the hearty seafood soup recipe and cook some more blood shrimps, up to L500

at L500, you have a choice of fish or red meat. i prefer basilisks cos i can just fly around, land and kill them. guess i am not much of a fisherman. cook up to L525

and you’re done. unless you wanna get even more pro at cooking. for me, this is as good as it gets.

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